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  1. Hi anyone who reads this. My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam. I'm twenty-three I live on the east coast of the united states so that's three hours ahead of Second Life time. I'm here looking to become involved in family roleplay, Here's a little background on why I'd like to dive into that within second life; as I said I'm in my early twenties so a lot of people I know in real life are having children and settling down, etc. That being said, due to the fact I am a wheelchair user outside of second life it is a highly unlikely event that I will ever have children firstly because it would be taxing on my body physically but also because I myself require quite a bit of care. I love children, am a fantastic aunt, and am currently studying to obtain my Bachelor's degree in education; enter second life where my disability doesn't matter, and children and intimate relationships are possible because there is no wheelchair to scare men off. I would prefer someone in a similar timezone, unmarried outside of second life, ideally, they'd be late twenties to late thirties. I'm on every day so someone who can give me that time commitment as well would be nice but, people have lives I understand. If you're interested in getting to know each other further find me on the grid. I'm a big Harry Potter fan as well as a true crime fan. I'm also an avid knitter so I like to talk about crafts as well.
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