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  1. Hoe does one "refresh" and what are you refreshing? is it the place that says get your premium home ? I really don't know any other way. When I check there it takes me to the old linden homes which I do not want. Thank you for an update on what you meant, in how you found yours
  2. I have now "followed" Patch Lindens post . Thanks
  3. thank you didn't know "follow" was there ,, again thanks
  4. OH I agree, I spend so much time on this thread looking to see if the new homes are out now. Anyway else to check? I try the pick your new home thing and it takes me to the old linden homes ?I joined to get a new home or houseboat , would not have become premium otherwise.
  5. Tell me how to know when they release new homes or houseboats , I am just now finding these forums and had no idea how to get the new homes so I am without a home as I wait Please tell me how to see the release I am rather new so not experienced as most here seem to be. Any help appreciated , thank you Sandy
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