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  1. This is a General rated roadside parcel for sale along Cyan Street on the Sharp Continent. The region is low lag, and is overlooking the water. Abandoned land on either side is a plus as you have no direct neighbors, and additional land can be picked up from the Lindens. It is 1120SQm, which is perfect for the base 1024sqm tier along with the 10% bonus that comes from donating to group. Will subdivide on request. Price is a low L$1,000. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coda/239/197/68
  2. The Community group has absolutely nothing to do with this event. I know this isn't going to make me any more popular by asking this, but why is someone allowed to have a raffle with no clear charity or anything when it's been made clear that the fairgrounds are supposed to be non commercial, even to the point of prohibiting tip jars?
  3. The first event at the Fairgrounds was the 4th of July Party hosted by the Bellisseria Community group. Lots of people attended and danced to music by Doc Rast. Refreshments were also provided, however, in the food tent there was a bowl labeled "Abnor's Potato Salad" that many were hesitant to eat after hearing reports from the Moles over the previous weekend. T-Shirts were handed out to those who ate the potato salad and survived. As for the others, let's just say the porta-potties were nearby for a reason
  4. If someone comes onto your property in a vehicle that exceeds the available land impact, nothing will happen unless they stand from the vehicle. Once they stand, if the parcel will not support the vehicle's LI, then the vehicle is returned to the vehicle owner. Nothing of the Land Owner's is returned. This is not specific to Linden Homes, but is that way all across the grid. The same goes for Object entry. As long as someone is sitting, then nothing happens. Once they stand, the vehicle gets returned. This is why vehicles are returned so fast on Bellisseria roads. It's not the auto-return kick
  5. I've been getting these at my home in Templeby as well. They are not Tyche's bots, and are as said all a bit over 100 days old. My home is along the edge of the region, so they are not landing in the middle of the region. Given that I am one of the people running the Bellisseria Community group, I would prefer not to have to have security on all the time, but I'm seeing at least 10 bots a day pop in. They do not speak, they do not rotate. They stay there for a minute or so then leave.
  6. Check out the Squishy Pickle Shack in Navigation. He left a bit of a surprise there for people to find.
  7. Oh, and the covenant forbids ads intended to show up on the map. I think the statements early in this thread about tip jars in the fairgrounds violating covenant may be simply mistaken; the fairgrounds are not residential spaces. The way I read the covenant, tip jars are not permitted in homes, and there is not yet any policy in the covenant relating to events thrown in public areas. There may be such policy stated elsewhere, but I don't see it in the covenant. I agree, but here is the issue. Every time someone has mentioned tip jars, including a direct response to a supp
  8. I just want to clear up a few things since someone is going around spreading lies that Markus knew about the tip jars and didn't tell anyone else. The Mole we had was Missy. Patch was also there, as were several other Moles. We were working on this event even before there was a Fairgrounds. At no point was the Tip Jar policy spoken to us, including after asking several times for clarification, and including my own support ticket which was answered by Guy, which was the same answer as everyone else who was asked previously, and they simply redirected to the Commerce policy of the Covenant,
  9. As one of the main organisers of that event, I will state that there was never a policy in place for this. We were never informed of this, and neither was our dj. If true, then it's seeming like a special exception was made for a specific person rather than the community as a whole. There needs to be official Linden guidelines in place, in full view of the public, if this space is going to be usable by everyone in the community.
  10. The Bellisseria Community group ( secondlife:///app/group/63773109-bc01-d353-2074-dbb6e8256f0a/about ) has an ongoing Bellisseria Community Parade of Homes that takes you around to houses that people have opened to the public. There are a lot of awesome homes on the list, and I am jealous of everyone's ability to squeeze all the LI they can from the decorations. You can pick up the HUD from group notices. To be listed or removed, contact Script Alchemi inworld.
  11. They are very solid. They don't even dent when I run into them. I do think they should be phantom though, just like I've said for other Linden/Mole made lamp posts elsewhere such as in Bay City. (I know, it's not gonna happen, but that's what this forum is for, wishful thinking ) At the very least, they should remove the magnets that attract my cars, especially after a sim crossing 😄
  12. One thing I wish they would have is homes with driveways. I know many people including myself have put our own driveways in. But those are squeezed onto the property where we can fit them between the hedges and fences the Moles put around the homes. In some cases, it just wasn't possible to fit them. It took me a few tries to get a house that didn't have anything in front of it. I also think there needs to be more simple infrastructure such as street signs, and my standard gripe of phantom light posts
  13. Kinda late to the party as I don't normally watch the forums here, but here's a photo of my house:
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