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  1. Hello, Offering parcel in beautiful mainland area. Size 3328 sqm with 1142 prims. Parcel is mix of water, sand and grass, you can terraform to have more water if needed or no water at all. From front, parcel has protected water path to Coastal Waterway, which gives u access to sailing. Land is situated next to open public sim with marina. Size of parcel is perfect for buying for the group (3072 + free 10% as group no extra tier), but if u will be buying for private use let me know and I will cut off extra land to match 3072 sqm. Everything on the land stays for the buyer, o
  2. Hey, I'm selling parcel situated next to the linden road with public free rezz zone just in front of the plot. You can use all prims on house and decorations and Rez vehicles directly on the street in front of house not using your own prims for that. This is 2240 sqm perfect for the group (2048m2 + free 10%, no extra tier needed if u are group - need help with that ask me), although if u buying as single user contact me and I'll make it 2048 for you. Land is flat with grass texture. Good FPS, no lags. Lots of abandoned land behind the parcel if u need to expand in future.
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