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  1. yay within 24hrs the houseboats will be released.. Good luck everyone who is waiting for one.
  2. all of you who are waiting on a house boat, keep checking the house page where u claim your Linden home. im here on Bellisseria watching as they are building the new boathouses. they should be ready soon for you to grab.
  3. First I think LL needs to focus on getting all premium members into a new linden home b4 they start implementing new options a far as housing or scenery on the lot. I think getting premium members into a new linden home is more important.
  4. Yes, I haven't really seen it all yet. I'm at work. When I get home I will get the chance to take it all in. I'm so excited.
  5. You can hit ctrl R also to refresh. As I was walking towards my door this morning I refreshed the page and one was avavailble. I claimed it from my phone ran to computer to finish it up.
  6. I can honestly say the lot I got is beautiful. I have 0 complaints.
  7. On the get your house page, refresh it every so often.
  8. I refreshed 4 times this morning as I was getting ready to head out for work, it popped in there I didn't second guess it. I ran to my computer and got my house b4 I went to work.
  9. Yay, I got a Bellisseria house just now. Thank you LL or who ever gave theirs up.
  10. Yes, complaining isn't going to get you a house quicker. LL knows we would like to have a new linden home or houseboat. Let them do their work.
  11. Everyday I check to see if the new homes have been released and everyday I'm disappointed.
  12. Ya, I would like a traditional house myself. Houseboat is nice but I'm a Land lover.
  13. I'm not complaining just saying, I don't want an old home I want one that was promoted. Of course I want them to do it right and I know it will be. It's frustrating having to wait but I'm trying not to be one who complains about it.
  14. When linden labs promoted the new linden homes, they promoted to all premium members not just a handful. Linden labs is obligated to produce enuff homes for all premium members. Im sure they will but waiting for one is tiresome. Yes, we could have a linden home but the older homes only give 115 prims or something like that. Why would we settle for that when LL promoted 350 prims a 1024sq lot and a"NEW LINDEN HOME".?
  15. You all need to stop complaining about not having your new linden home(I don't have mine either) , as you all can see it's not getting you anywhere. LL is going to do what they want not what we want. They will release the new homes when they are ready. Im hoping it's very Soon.
  16. Lol.. That would really suck. I bet you could kick your own booty for that one
  17. And to be honest, I didn't know about the forum or the post. I usually just log into sl and go about my business. I will now be watching the forms so I know what the heck is going on in second life and LL.
  18. I was told the new homes were available(back in April) , the reason I'm homeless. I abandoned my home went to get a new one but they were gone. I bought a piece of premium land.. Was told I would have to leave that also to get a home. I'm homeless by my choosing. I refuse to snooz this time.
  19. Look at it this way, LL is doing something nice for all of us premium members at no extra cost to us. Beautiful homes, beautifully decorated sim/region and a community to where most people will interact and it can be a wonderful experience. Instead of complaining get excited. LL didn't have to do this for us, we all could be stuck with 10yr old homes or older. The longer I have to wait the more excited I become.
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