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  1. Thank you so much for this helpful information! My friend was about to write a ticket or ask in the live chat in six hours. :)
  2. Ich war heute Morgen drin, dann konnte mein angefordertes Inventar nicht geladen werden und ich wollte neu einloggen. Ein fataler Fehler, komme seitdem auch nicht mehr rein.
  3. The New Release from Addams "Philomena" includes Lara Petite and also Salt&Pepper "June" (C88 Event), also the new groupgift from erratic.
  4. Thanks a lot, guys. The live chat is no longer necessary as I now have a new LH. I was just too impatient and put 'Leera' in the trash. Let's do it again - decorating can be fun.
  5. I quit my house at Bellisseria - Leera today. My parcel and the region is not habitable since 2 days, you couldn't even change your outfit or use Huds (Maitreya, AOs) for example. Too bad that my ticket remained unanswered! 😠 When I got a new LH it was the same as before. Only the house was no longer there, the parcel was empty. ;)
  6. Hallo Zeus, der "Firestorm Support Deutsch" ist zwar keine Baugruppe, aber Fragen über diesen Viewer hinaus werden auch gerne mal beantwortet und an Baumeistern mangelt es dort auch nicht. Einfach mal zum richtigen Zeitpunkt nachfragen. Viel Erfolg AR
  7. I have hardly LAG on Bellisseria and my computer is 6 years old. However my Firestorm Viewer is also optimally adjusted.
  8. Quote Patch: These homes are coming Very Soon™ lol
  9. Based on your question, I can tell you don't need a security system. How unfortunate for you. Some others, including me, need this system. Why is absolutly irrelevant. Anyway, it has nothing to do with "POWER". But I'm sure someday you'll figure it out. I hope you'll keep it for yourself then.
  10. By pressing F5 every 2 seconds or with Auto Refresh Plus or other automatic refreshers.
  11. And if, for example, a new premium member or whoever on the list gets the number 25986 - hard luck!? Those who try harder than others should also be rewarded.
  12. I join ananoelle and agree with her:
  13. That's not right. The 2nd batch came around 6 pm German time. The Americans were the stupid ones because they all had to work. And the first batch...it was sold out in 48 hours. You know that.
  14. Premium for almost three years. I also got a Linden Home with the first batch
  15. that's correct. http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/3/6b/3297/1.html
  16. I think Leninah meant it ironically. ( " 😉 " )
  17. I'm here with you, though I'm sorry for the homeless.
  18. I found that out on wiki.secondlife.com. I don't know exactly. Also not whether they are paid in $ or L$. But what I do know is that LL doesn't want Copy Pasta and manually creating new continents/linden homes is very time consuming and labor intensive. There are also new themes being developed that will be exhibited on SL16B. I can understand your frustration. But if you really want a new Linden Home NOW, use AutoRefresh Plus. You'll see, the Linden Homes are eagerly waiting for you with this thing. Where there's a will there's a way. You can do it!
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