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  1. I think Leninah meant it ironically. ( " ūüėČ " )
  2. I'm here with you, though I'm sorry for the homeless.
  3. I found that out on wiki.secondlife.com. I don't know exactly. Also not whether they are paid in $ or L$. But what I do know is that LL doesn't want Copy Pasta and manually creating new continents/linden homes is very time consuming and labor intensive. There are also new themes being developed that will be exhibited on SL16B. I can understand your frustration. But if you really want a new Linden Home NOW, use AutoRefresh Plus. You'll see, the Linden Homes are eagerly waiting for you with this thing. Where there's a will there's a way. You can do it!
  4. The Moles are Resident builders, scripters, texturers and sculpty-makers empoyed by Linden Lab to work in the Linden Department for Public Works (LDPW). They are paid an hourly rate.
  5. Now it's dawned on me. Tyvm! Unfortunately it's too late now. ;( And ... I don't have problems with VAT, btw
  6. Don't wind me up with your BREXIT !!!
  7. Price increases are always . . . ! But you can secure the old price for one year. I suppose you know that, Leninah ?!
  8. I agree with you, because at least Leninah's percentage calculation is correct. In many European countries, monthly or quarterly payments are also subject to VAT. Only the annual payment method is VAT-exempt. No idea how high the VAT is in Leniah's UK, in Germany it is 19%.
  9. I know my English isn't perfect. I guess I just don't understand some of them properly. hehe Thank you
  10. >>Grumpity Linden Posted Tuesday at 01:16 AM 1) We've decided we are able to continue offering Quarterly premium payment options to new signups for several more months, until we are ready to unveil the new SuperDuperPremium plan.<< So in a few months, we'll know more.
  11. Also for me it would only be interesting if the plot size, the land impact or the stipends would be increased. And I don't believe that the latter MUST be accompanied by inflation.
  12. Ein Zaun darf die H√∂he von 160 cm nicht √ľberschreiten. Meiner steht dort seit Mitte April.
  13. Man kann bis zu diesem Datum auch den Folgebeitrag f√ľr die n√§chste Abrechnungsperiode zum alten Preis bekommen, muss dann aber zweimal 72 $ abbuchen lassen. Die monatlichen und die viertelj√§hrlichen Geb√ľhren unterliegen ab dem 24.06.19 allerdings dann der Mehrwertsteuer. Nur die j√§hrliche Zahlungsweise bleibt USt-frei.
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