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  1. Is the Bridgerton sim open to visitors? Do visitors need to dress in period clothing even if they're not involved in RP?
  2. Closer in on the kitchen without the very cute distraction next door...
  3. New Kitchen Alert@Access! Elm Carissa Kitchen. It's modular in the sense that each unit can be moved around, but like some other recent kitchen releases the top cabinet, bottom cabinet and backsplash are one unit. But as you will notice, you may be faced with a tough choice...the booth next door is Rez Room Golden Retrievers.
  4. A little late here, but here goes (this is on the latest beta, .v8) MacBook Air 2020 with M1 chip, running Big Sur 11.5.2, on Wifi with good internet access. I'm getting FPS of about 17 to 20 on the ground at my Linden Stilt Home. And I am getting about 70-75 FPS on my sky platform at 2600 on the same parcel. Graphics preferences: Quality/Speed: High Draw Distance: 128m OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects Enabled Support for HDPI displays enabled Antialiasing: 4X Transparent Water Bump mapping and Shiny Local Lights Avatar Hardwar Skimming Water Reflections on All Avatars and Objects Atmospheric Shaders: Sky Low Advanced Lighting Model Ambient Occlusion Shadows: None
  5. Lovely, and a good example of how to integrate the Shabby Chic style stuff into a fantasy home. Were the bubbles a part of the bathtub or sold separately?
  6. It's bee very difficult to get into the event, and I wondered if there was a party going on and people just weren't leaving. There wasn't, and the reason why people stay there for a long time is that it takes a long time to go through all the vendors and get the freebies. there a lot of vendors, a lot of decent freebies, and the layout is two concentric circles with additional booths set up at 45 degree intervals between the outside and inside circles.
  7. I''m pretty sure the close-to-ideal stilt I landed yesterday was an abandon. it would be a #5 on Marianne's list. Tricky because they are in the stilts on land category. However, I pulled and abandoned one of the landlocked stilts last week, and if you don't care about the direct water access, you do tend to have more privacy on those parcels. And in many cases you are one or two rows away from the ocean on most sides of the house, so you may still have an ocean view.
  8. Leora, I have the same problem. Just telling myself that I'll give it a try for the rest of the month and then downgrade.
  9. I have been trying to get into the FLF event all day, with an auto teleporter. It's been a long time since I haven't been able to get into an event within a few hours. Is there a party/DJ going on there? It sure seems like people are not leaving the event.
  10. This situation is the only one that I am tempted to put my alt back up to premium for a month - just to get in and try things out without loosing a good parcel in another theme. Found out today through some experimentation that you can share an unpacked folder of the textures even though most of the theme kit is non-transfer.
  11. Well, at least I can go take a look...
  12. Ok, so just three regions released today? Darn. I was out buying dog food and then watched the first three episodes of season 3 of Titans.
  13. Thanks to @Nika Talaj for the detective work. It turned out to be the neighbor's piano that I had already blacklisted. Blacklisting apparently does not resolve the issue. The working solution (in Firestorm) is to right-click the object, then click Annoyance > Block.
  14. I have gone through sound explorer and attempted to stop and blacklist all the neighbor's sounds. I have also blacklisted all the neighbor's objects. Still getting the sound.
  15. I am hearing the music on my parcel, which is adjacent. The stop/start music button is already greyed out. Here is the info on the neighbor's land: My settings: Ambient, sounds and voice turned up to medium, music and media on zero. The neighbor's music is definitely coming through under "sounds" as is the nature sounds on the region.
  16. Your responses helped me investigate a little more. I have narrowed it down to the music url attached to the parcel, not the media file. Unfortunately there appears not to be a way to turn that off without turning off ambient noises...
  17. So what is it with this buggy, funky parcel media thing? I've had previous LH parcels where it seems to "pick up" media from the last place my avi teleported from. I'd keep removing it and removing it, and somehow I'd come back to find audio playing again. And...currently I'm residing on a parcel where someone has media attached to their parcel nearby. Is there any way to filter that out while still hearing the ambient sounds? Restricting audio to my parcel removes all the nature sounds as well.
  18. There could be a number of reasons why the excitement level isn't to the level of earlier releases. It is the seventh theme release, and there is good inventory of at least one of the previous themes (chalets). So it's not like the situation when the Traditionals, Victorians, or Log Cabins were released, when there were a lot of people who wanted a new Linden Home and not enough homes to meet the demand. We don't know just how much demand there is for the new theme. Obviously there are people who are thrilled with it, but it is a subset of all potential "homeowners." After the initial curiosity subsides, there might be less demand for the fantasy theme than for some of the other themes (right now, I'm thinking Stilts, and possibly Victorians, Log Cabins and Houseboats). This is why I think it was smart to go with interiors that were not obviously fantasy/whimsical. If in the future only fantasy homes are available, at least there is some flexibility in furnishing the inside. While communication channels are improving, there are many people in SL who have no clue about things that are happening, either on an official LL level, or from various groups in SL.
  19. Yes, there has definitely been an uptick in abandons in the last week. Some of the styles (like the Stilts) come and go quickly. I've been hunting down a new location and finally secured a stilt on land with the back part of the property in the water. Popped into a motorboat and drove through the islands last night, up through then chalet river to the end of it at the north.My only issue with the new location is a nearby resident having about 5 KittyCats. So here we go again with the nice reminders...
  20. Wibbly Crossroads? No, it should have been Wibbly Wobbly. Or even better yet, Wibbly Wobbly region next to Timey Whimey region, so that we can all pause and reflect about the time when Dr. Who was actually a good show.
  21. the fact that so many regions no longer have a colored square around them is a positive sign, right? I admit I'm torn. Try for the stilt of my dreams during the abandons, or give the new theme a try. I'm not really a "fantasy region" kinda girl, but have enough shabby chic and whimsical stuff in my inventory to put together an interior that would not stick out as being way out of theme. And I do like the interior layouts.
  22. The Hive Classic Bathroom is a good choice for medium to large spaces used as bathrooms, like the back room upstairs in the LH Albus Chalet!
  23. You know, I don't know how I ever missed the Freya head offer. I must have already been using mesh heads last year!
  24. Question: would this ruling apply to hunts where you are paying a certain amount to get the item, and not knowing which item you receive till you open the box?
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