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  1. Free Group Gift - Figure 8 

    Pearled Champagne Glass (Wear to unpack) 



    There are also other gifts available too 
    [Figure 8] Les Chandelier Fat Pack (Wear to unpack)


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  2. LouChara Group Gift - Sofa 11 prims ( Free Group )
    LouChara Mail Tidy Gift - 0 Linden
    LouChara Rug Basket ( Energy Weekend price Group Gift ) 






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  3. I've seen your houseboat Cougar, and it really gave me some very helpful decorating ideas.  I didn't get a great plot, and I felt a little upset about that... but things are looking up since touring all the open houses.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Vega Firelyte said:

    I can't wait for it but I also don't know where to look for the announcement, other than where Patch mentioned that they will be released soon.  Am I looking at the right thread for the announcement?  I also need to dump the LL home I did get because I really would love to get one of the houseboats instead.


    I follow Patch Linden to get new info. regarding New Homes.

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