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  1. Thank you very much. solved my problem.
  2. Hello, so I have been working on a project that needs "self driving" cars. Those cars are not meant to be used by real players but rather move from point A to point B. At the beginning I had some options for making the car move by itself. The 1st option i was thinking was using llMoveToTarget but with this function the car can't rotate and when it reaches its "destination" it doesn't completely stop and drifts a little bit. The second option I was thinking about was using llSetPos+llSetRot in conjunction with a while loop set to the destination. Though it did work making the car moving the delay in the scrip made it look extremely artificial and not really usable. So i'm turning to you, great minds of the Internet for a solution. If any of you folks have anything to suggest I would be pleased to hear. Thank you guys in advance.
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