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  1. heres a fact- secondlife is promoting itself on youtube and other social media as a place to meet the love of your life. it's got lots of videos maybe you should check out this one and don't worry just cause you haven't met the love of your life in it doesn't mean no one else can.
  2. ya the adoption places are harsh whether you are a kid avi or not.. seems like the same people collecting kids everywhere in sl.. lotta people seem like great families but then they just up n leave. I was looking for the family thing for a while in sl for years. I really hope you find a good one.
  3. ty kayla for the post. i'm not really looking for a club scene, but thanks. maybe some other people in this post would be interested in it. besides i'm only in world during daylight hours from like 6 am to 2pm slt, 4pm at the most.
  4. yeah ive done that lol. and i updated my status post on here cause people say they're looking for people to hang out with and then turn into perverts just looking for a quick hookup. im not looking for that lol.- but thanks for posting.
  5. updating my original post.. not alot of friend seekers on this forum it seems.
  6. dunno i've met 6 in Rl and they lived nowheres near me.. in fact most guys don't even wanna talk to you unless you got voice or a rl pic up.. they always mess up though.. they'll pretend to be single, and yet arent.. or they'll be somebody completely different in reality than they are online. it's good for people who wanna be somebody else, but if you're gonna date.. they should at least have the same interests in reality as they do in any game/virtual medium they are in. otherwise how do you even know if you have anything in common with them, right? as for not treating sl as a dating site.. they shouldnt market it as one on the internet- where people can form lasting relationships. even the sl youtube has alot of sl to rl relationship ads. just like every other site where you can meet friends or others to chat to, whether it be text or voice, cam or no cam.. sl needs relationships and friendships to keep it going.. oetherwise we'd just be downloading our own private servers and pretending to do it all alone.. or play sims lol.
  7. havent played bingo in forever.. could be fun.
  8. oh 2009 i remember that time. think i was on my 4th avatar by then.
  9. you cant change the name cause it goes by account name ... not display name. if you're tryin to add on a different account you gotta log in on the forum using that account.
  10. sorry.. LL keeps files for years n years on past accounts.. it's true.. anyone can come back at any time n they will still have your account in storage just waiting for ya. sometimes you don't have access to your old email but they'll keep it.
  11. I'm ok to add people.. but if they havent messaged or been online in a week, i likely just delete them. I'm more apt to keeping a person on my list if i hang out with them every once in a while.. (which there arent many of those).. not through lack of trying.. they just arent ever online or available, or even Im back... lol why keep somebody on your list if they werent interested in being a "friend" right?
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