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  1. New Roleplay Sim Opening, in need of an Admin. This is a paid, management position. Payment will be weekly and discussed during the interview. ::Requirements-Basic Duties:: You MUST have knowledge of Gor and Gorean Culture You MUST have an understanding of roleplay and moderation knowledge You MUST have knowledge of in-world advertising You WILL be responsible for day to day sim management You WILL be responsible for helping to facilitate roleplay Other duties may arise as needed Interested parties should contact: Narcessa Datura (Alariawekesa Resident) In-World
  2. I don't know if this is the place for this or not. I'm a little upset about this so called contest that Siris Estates is having. They say that you can't use photoshop or anything in your photos but how is that fair? For a supposedly LGBTQ sim they say they are inclusive but they aren't including anyone. They are excluding almost everyone. I wonder if they even got anyone to enter. Are there other photo contests like that? Is photo editing that bad? I think it is a good and necessary skll to perfect your pictures. Why punish people who are good by excluding them? Does that make sense Sirius Estates?
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