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  1. I am just going to casually post a unrelated message here so I can bump this topic back up to the top for it to receive attention and relevance. I am very desperate so I apologize to anyone who doesn't really wanna see this again. if anyone who sees this topic really does have a paying occupation that requires horses or someone to manage horses please, don't hesitate to submit a reply.
  2. Hello~ I may be interested depending on the requirements?
  3. Aw, that is sad actually - Maybe me offering this job and people willing to try riding a horse will get them to try riding horses more often? I do know that I wanna own and ride horses in the future, definitely!
  4. Hello! I am currently looking for any job of any difficulty that allows for me to either work with any type of horses or be a horse and provide services that way! If I were to work with horses I don't mind tending to your equine pets while you are out busy or anything but, if there is any jobs requiring me to BE a horse then I am all up for it too! Pulling carts, providing riding lessons, E.T.C. Any amount of pay that is over L$50 a hour is fine? Or we can negotiate! I own a Teegle horse avatar for any horse related jobs and I also have a bento human avatar that is one of the freebies you get when you create a new account, she is pretty, it's the Trixie one.
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