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  1. Actually professional RL sex operators do work in SL because there is just as much money to be made in SL as the actual phone lines for those who know how to do it. I know this because I also do both myself. Unfortunately these cheap girls who gush over a cheap guy for giving her a 40cent tip do make it harder for girls who are serious about their job and level of service they give. So I 100% agree with laughing these cheap *****s out of the clubs, and if they go and tell their cheap ***** friends? GOOD! If you want to be cheap and act as if 100L is 100 dollars then there are plenty of places in SL to do that, most of those places have men behind those pretty avatars of course. But if you want a real woman who is professional and will guarantee you the service you seek? STOP BEING A CHEAP *****! Its really that simple.
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