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  1. We could have a list of naughty men to pass around.
  2. Would they both have to be owners of the group?
  3. I am not sure the mechanics of LL houses and houseboats will allow a full swap
  4. I've been trying that long too. I wonder if different parts of the world have different access.
  5. I keep reading about all the technical issues LL is having in the new continent. I suspect the first wave has been like a Beta test. I hope they are trying to clean those issues up first.
  6. I'd love to see a traditional house overlooking a bay or lagoon or ocean.
  7. And rename them if you can to say the scripts have been removed
  8. I am so jealous. Good for you.
  9. What does it mean if I deed my property to my group?
  10. What I'd like best is a cliff side house on the rocks or Learmont or Burnside or Spector or Shady Corners
  11. How flexible are the walls in the houses? Can an interior wall be made transparent or removed?
  12. It would be fun to have some traditional houses on stilts on the beach
  13. The new homes aren't showing up for me yet. Good for you
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