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  1. Thank you ladies for your kind words. The moon was added in Photoshop so I had to add a cloud kinda effect to blend it in better.
  2. thank you, it's my own windlight I made I use it for most of my pictures I just happened to change the amount of haze to get the Erie feeling there is also some Photoshop work in that picture, I'm using the firestorm viewer not sure what the EEP viewer is. @Scylla RhiadraRhiadra
  3. Thank-you for the kind words @Scylla Rhiadra here's a landscape I took a while ago sorry I don't have the map link as I'm on my phone.
  4. My ALT Summers loving that spring sunshine.
  5. This is my Alt she has the Catwa head Katey I think it is and the Diana skin from Lara Hurley I think it looks everyday not super model like or squishy cuteness . I did the shape myself . Also she's wearing the same body as you
  6. At the moment I'm using Skin : Hermony Symon, I think it's called. I like it Hair: Stealthic would be your best bet for hair I think the Browns might have a dirty blonde color, try the demos. If you don't like that skin you can try "session" upstairs there are a few high quality skins but most of them I would say are in the 30-50 range. Also try "stray dog" I'm not a fan but they have a good selection.
  7. Didn't have much to do today so I thought I'd get a nice tan started.
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any insight regarding my question . I'm looking for somewhere to go and chat with random strangers when I'm not taking pictures. I'm not looking for any adult Sims and if it depends on time when these places get busy I'm in SLT +1.
  9. Good store for black skins is stray dog I think it's called. And going on what Matty said signature is good for the body and Catwa for the head.
  10. Yes you can still wear them but they might not fit as well as you want compared to classic clothes. Make sure to click add when putting mesh clothes on
  11. Like Talligurl said the magic happens when you lower your guard and get out there , don't be shy talk to anyone and everyone you never know someone might surprise you. Take a chance on love. I do hope you find what your looking for best of luck
  12. Mine are more of a hipster look ( not a female but I'm hella cute)
  13. To me it sounds like she is trying to create some sort of role play group for elitest women, who act rich and posh looking down their upturned noses at us regular folks.
  14. I decided to shave and go take some pictures at the beach. Maybe I'll take up surfing next trip.
  15. Everything you mentioned me and my wife love. We both are having trouble meeting friends . It would be awesome to hang out with you . Can IM in world my name's the same as SL
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