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  1. I've tried Alchemy Viewer in the recent past, and gotten really nice photos from it, plus good framerate. The only reason I didn't stick with it was an audio dropout issue that made it impractical for my DJ-ing and broadcasting work, plus attending music events. :( However, there's a test project version in the works that should hopefully fix that. 🤞

    Catznip is another option to look into, and again they're currently testing a new version, I've not tried it yet but it's on my to-do list.

    General issue to be aware of with any viewer on the Mac, enabling support for Retina display (HiDPI) will impact framerate to varying degrees depending on the viewer. Oh, and you'll need to go into System Preferences > Security & Privacy and allow the viewer to launch the first time, as most aren't signed or notarised and will trip Apple's security system.

  2. I joined Second Life in February 2015, so coming up for a half-decade. But enough time to go through a lot of changes!

    First pic is from summer of 2015, when I was still a human avatar, rocking the standard body but with lots of customisations. The corsetry, gloves and boots from Rosal were my biggest purchase to date at the time, almost as much as a mesh body!

    Second pic is from end of 2019, after I'd finished tweaking my current look to work with Bakes On Mesh. :) All mesh now, Maitreya body, GA.EG head, braids from EMO-tion, ears & antennae from Stargazer Creations, skin from Lumae (now closed down, alas), spots from Tigerpaw, and make-up from Dotty's Secret. :)



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