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    Last name change?

    I'm wondering if anybody has heard anything new about changing last names? Last I heard anything new about it was April 2018. Did they enable this feature? How do you access it? I searched all over Google and the wiki and can't even find reference to it anymore. I'm dying to change my last name from 'resident'. Thanks.
  2. So, I have this issue with the Momo cow head. When I put it on, it stretches out my skeleton occasionally. Typically with TPs to new areas, and when editing my appearance. Is there anything I can buy/do to stop this? It's only momentary, but it makes my neck really long and it's just unsightly. I'm using it with the Kobold body. So a mesh body. It's just momentary stretching of my entire skeleton. Then it snaps back into place. But I wonder if it'll get stuck for some people and I'll be looking like an idiot standing there if nobody mentions anything. Or worse, just thi
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