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  1. My friend got Cherry Pop. It's too adorable 😍
  2. I was so hoping we would become exempt from VAT upon leaving the EU - Land fees VAT breaks my heart every month 😅 but alas, we still get to pay it.
  3. A friend of a friend fell asleep and left her avatar online on my sim the other night, they asked if I could eject her so people wouldn't think she was stood ignoring people etc, instead I used the teleport home feature as then she wouldn't be sat on parcel lines for multiple hours and instead be in her home location. edit: typos
  4. Make your ear size 0 in your shape, it should fix your issue!
  5. My friend wanted to upgrade her homestead to a full region but was told she couldn't at this time due to limited availability, which sucks. This is good to see.
  6. This thread has become so derailed it's unreal, but in response to the OP: My SL won't change at all. Last year I got tired of spending so much money inworld but wanted to still be able to keep up with my favourite hobby (Shopping! Ugh!) - so I started a small store of my own, which in turn began to pay for all of my SL expenses, now I do not upload at all, and my little store will continue to fund my SL regardless of Brexit. If I didn't have the store, I would have cut back my spending according to what I was comfortable with putting into the game, and IF our currency tanks due to Brexit, then I would simply cut back further. It's true, we don't NEED a lot of the things in SL that cost us money, we just like/enjoy them. Perhaps if our post-Brexit currency value drops enough to restrict your SL passions you can find ways in SL to earn the money to fund them.
  7. I really want to know the answer to this too, tbh. I don't think ANYONE actually cares enough to follow it 😂
  8. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the whole "Got a problem with me? Message my dom/master/daddy/parent!" disclaimers.
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