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  1. In my early 20s, I used to work in an office and would go outside for cigarette breaks. I started to see a girl out there, also smoking. I had a crush on her, but had/have low self-esteem (bit overweight, not good-looking) so never talked to her. One day, I was having a smoke in the shade, and she walked from round the corner and smiled and said, "You should go round the other side, it's sunnier there." I just stood there like a complete dork, unable to speak. My brain was racing, 'Say something smart...talk to her...for God's sake, just reply, even a yeah'. But I couldn't get a word out - just stared at her. It was the most painful 5 seconds ever. She walked off.
  2. I didn't AR in case they got into trouble, worked out it was me and came after me for revenge. I don't want my graphics card fried.
  3. Just a heads-up to everyone, I saw a bunch of people in the sandbox earlier and they said that tonight is Mischief Night, they are going to spend Saturday night on SL crashing sims and especially targeting events. I thought I would pass this on, please be safe inworld tonight.
  4. * Replace $L with a new currency - transferrable, no-copy chicken wings. A parcel will cost a party bucket. * Ban banlines. No more antisocial 'get off my lawn' behaviour. * Turn all seas bright pink and make it rain on Mainland forever.
  5. Someone recommended I download this SL viewer but I can't find it anywhere and I'm not sure what it is - can anyone help?
  6. Serious Q - if residents want total privacy, why don't they just limit access to their sim or parcel to people they know, full stop? I'd rather get a pop-up message at the TP stage, telling me the area is off-limits, than land and then have 10 seconds to get out before some orb makes me crash.
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