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  1. Once the LL orbs are available, all this nonsense about setting orbs will go away. This is the very reason why LL will not allow you to use your personal orb, because some people are just not reasonable. Just look at the Mainland for many examples. In Private sims the sim owners have rules for minimum orb eject times, violate it and they will Return your orb, and if you insist on breaking their rules again, you will lose your land for violating the Covenant you agreed to when renting. It's too bad, but I am sure some homeowners will put anyone on their Ban list for a simple 10 second f
  2. The house rezzer is a separate object, actually outside the house parcel (either a mailbox or a lifesaver.) It's not part of the inside house control unit which basically changes textures on the walls, floors, and trim. My house decorator box continued to work fine, when the rezzer lost it's mind. The rezzer was fixed today, after the scheduled region updates around 5AM slt. I don't know if rebooting the region fixed the scripts, or there were moles scrambling all over resetting the rezzers after the updates, since I had gone to bed. I hope those who lost their houses can get them back no
  3. I have not had a TP disconnect since my Main Server private region was restarted 12 hrs ago. And the Teleport progress slider seems to zip instantly to about 90%, a few secs before I am teleported to my houseboat. Before, TP's I would get stuck right away, with liitle progress in the teleport process, and then sometimes slowly move up to about 1/2 way before I was timed out and disconnected. TP's are definitely more zippy for me, so far... The Houseboat rezzer menu is also back to normal, after the latest region update today. edits - I keep changing sim to region to keep the LL f
  4. Same here. Ticket sent at 3:48 AM Saturday, and it's going on 4 days now. Why does it take a "specialist" to figure out a problem that is affecting hundreds? Can the scripts only be reset on the lifesafer (I have a houseboat) by the script owner, one of the moles? That's going to keep a lot of moles busy if these things randomly fail when the region reboots.
  5. The Ignore function for this forum works well, for those who have nothing to say but to criticize others for posting. I just used it; much friendlier place now
  6. Read the Realms thread in Games. LL did a major update in the Realms back on Oct. 9, 2018, and Magellan is missing. You must not have entered the Realms since then.
  7. I had 4 teleport timeouts and disconnects in a row earlier today, around 10pm SLT. I was trying to go to my new houseboat premium parcel, from my private island home. At the time I was using Singularity Build 7503. I waited for the forced disconnect each time. Finally I gave up and took a break. Twenty mins later I relogged back in on Firestorm 6.0.2, and TPed there normally. Tried to go back and forth and no failures. But the same Singularity Build usually TPs fine. It seems to be more of a network path timing issue, between the various servers. I been TPing around more on this a
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