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  1. Happy update: I met my best friend with whom I used to spend every single minute of my SL back in the day (we're talking 4 years ago) and we are officially together now. 😍
  2. @CarolaG2 Yes but you could mention it nicely, not plain BLOCK someone.
  3. Thank you Vanor, also, VenKellie blocked me after I told him that I am from Europe so I am still single and available
  4. Hello, I have been in SL for years now... I used to have plenty of friends but never had a SL boyfriend. However I did have plenty of good and best friends that sadly are no longer coming to SL to spend time with me. But I would like this to change. I would like to find someone contemporary, between 22 to 32 years old (as I am 27 currently). If you are interested we will schedule a date and we will get to know eachother if you wish. Im pretty sure you'll like what you'll see 😊 Waiting for your answer! XOXO
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