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  1. I was excited about these new homes when my partner told me and as you can imagine as disappointed as everyone else to find they were all gone so quickly. I can understand that demand has far outstripped expectations, and even that this would have been hard to predict as Fritigern said. Trying to be constructive here though I would ask that LL look at two things when more are made available: 1. The process for upgrading requires you to clear out and abandon your existing home first, before you know if you're going to be able to get a new one. Can't there be some way of letting you try for a new one first, or claiming one before you abandon? 2. 'In short order' Some idea of timescales should be possible. Are we talking days, weeks or months here? Some idea at least of how long that might be would be very helpful. It's not a contract just an idea so residents can plan what to do. Having cleared out and abandoned both our homes we are in limbo. Yes we've taken an old style 175LI home as like a 'Temporary B&B' but there's no point setting up again when we know we're going to move, and having no idea when that may be is restricting. The idea of these homes is great and well overdue in my view. Having had a look at the new continent the roads and waters are a wonderful enhancement to the Linden Home experience. The extra primmage makes these homes viable and a practical alternative to private renting for many more of us. It's a shame these two things are spoiling it for many. Hollie
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