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  1. I saw the new post about Equestrian hangouts and was so sad to see my favorite place was not listed! This place is like, the best kept secret for horse riding, dating, etc... maybe not anymore since im sharing it, lmao http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ancient Destiny/200/98/22 They are called Rosewood Farms. I thought this was a full sim with the amount of stuff on it but it's actually a homestead. They have the Waterhorse Animesh Horses here but they also have something called the Teeglepet Animesh Horse which i think came out before?? I rode one of their horses leisurely around the sim while listening to my fantasy sountrack list and sat under a pretty gazebo with a unicorn friend. I highly recommend dropping by this place. So much so that I made an account to do so! I think this should be a destination for sure. I also like this place because I could join the group and rez my own personal animesh horse to ride Some snapshots I took the last time I visited.
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