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  1. Hi all. I got a 3DConnexion Space Mouse as an early Christmas pressie and I'm not sure how to set it up. I tried to look for a fix online but most of the blogs are kinda old and tbh, more than my not-that-tech-savvy brain can handle. I wish it was as easy as plug and play, but anyway...when I installed the 3DConnexion driver and enabled the Joystick configuration in SL (using Firestorm viewer) all it did was zoom out and fly. I didn't change the settings or anything, just default. Then I read something about disabling the KMJ emulator, so I did that. The zooming went away and just flying, runn
  2. Hi all! I just got my 3d connexion space mouse and I am at a loss on how to make it work. All I did was disable the KMJ emulator, as that was what I saw from an online blog and didn't work. I sent a ticket to SL, hopefully I'll get an answer this week. I understand that this is an old post...but if anyone has a workaround, please share. I was so excited to get my space mouse as an early Christmas present and then I can't make it work...I'm not that tech savvy as well, but I can follow steps...I do try my best. I just wish there was a youtube video on this...well, there is but it was so old...a
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