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  1. Thanks! Firestorm viewer. I will try what you suggest about resetting the Current Outfit Folder. That sounds promising.
  2. Thanks for responding. It is so strange. I can't imagine that the HUDs are scripted for that.
  3. This is new for me. I will add a HUD, for instance one that dispenses something I bought. When the folder has appeared in my inventory, I detach the HUD. I am in the habit of doing this from my inventory...right click, "detach from yourself." And I'm getting instances where the HUD detaches and half my body parts and clothing do, too. It's always the same things that get removed, for instance my Lelutka mesh head stays, along with my eyes, but my teeth get removed. My Maitreya body will get removed but my hands and feet stay. My AO disappears, and always my hair. This happens randomly, not eve
  4. That is correct; it's to help prevent platforms being set up between 100 - 2000.
  5. For some of us the mailboxes got broken during some update and we all had to file tickets.
  6. That's what my question was about, though it seems like I was misunderstood. It seems like 100 is plenty high, but I wondered if there was something I was missing that makes 400 necessary for some people.
  7. The object has buttons and bars you have to press. I was able to drop the scripts into a rock, but the rock lacks the "here" button that sets the location.
  8. 400 seems excessive for the houseboats. What would a good recommended height be for them?
  9. Oh I see what it is...in About Land, the Access tab has been changed. All you can do is ban people from that tab now.
  10. I was sitting around and this appeared. I have access to my control panel set to "list." What is this all about?
  11. Yes, that must have been the problem.
  12. Yeah, what Alyona said. For some reason when I was clicking the link Sylvia provided, the "Issue type" dropdown menu was broken and would only allow me to choose "Account issue." Now it works and "Land & Region" can be chosen.
  13. I'm having the same problem. There doesn't seem to be a choice in the ticket drop-down that even remotely covers this. I haven't lost my password, my account hasn't been compromised, etc. Edit: nevermind, I found a link that works.
  14. Just wanted to apologize....I was trying to get a guy out of my boat yesterday, and I did not realize that what I did caused ban lines to appear. I was clueless, but not malevolent. I'm glad the ban lines are being taken down as I had no intention of being a bad neighbor or making the neighborhood ugly or difficult to navigate. I'm not worried about someone walking in on me doing anything adult....I just find it difficult to live anywhere where people can and do just come in and make themselves at home while I am standing there.
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