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  1. I will no longer be following or responding to this thread.
  2. Wulfie quoted two things you said that directly contradicted each other.
  3. That's a lot of effort to go to to avoid what Wulfie pointed out. Clearly with such a fantastic, genius operation, if anyone was in error it had to have been me. I don't know what you hope to prove by deliberately breaking their rules. I don't know how often they check on prims; for all I know you might get away with your scheme, such as it is, for weeks. I also don't know if your experience will be the same as mine. Since it was a manager who evicted me, I don't think that it will be an automatic process as you go over prims.
  4. I see you airing your grievances against Wulfie without addressing the contradiction they pointed out. I would hardly call their post here an "attack." I would never dream of sharing the contents of the screed with you. For one, you are not an honest interlocutor. And I do not take notecards sent to me in SL and copy and paste their contents in a public forum without the author's permission. I shared the gist of the situation in my original post without names or direct quotes, and that's how it will remain. I do not owe you either proof or evidence. In my many years in SL I have had
  5. You make so many assumptions about me that I'm not going to bother going through them all. If it makes you happy to envision me as a young, ignorant, selfish noob, and the landlord as a beleaguered saint, then knock yourself out. In fact when I sent them back a nc with a screen capture of my furnishings' land impact, I got a long, bizarre, rambling response that was so unexpected and strange that I dropped the matter and walked away from it, and did not come here and report on this weird twist because I didn't see the point in it.
  6. Why don't you calm the hell down and read my post? I was paying for 50 prims and I set out 14 prims (land impact 14). FOURTEEN. That's a bench, a rug, one picture on the wall, and a lamp. I should have had 36 prims left. Apparently you have decided to project all your frustration onto me. I guess I can add another landlord to my list if you are this volatile over something I did not do.
  7. Thank you both! Kyrie I may take you up on that, thanks. I've found out about a couple of good places to rent. I just liked this skybox because it was a cheap place to run if my main place was offline. What puzzles me is I can't figure out how "Appartment Life" benefits from evicting a tenant like me. They had a lot of empty skyboxes (now we know why I guess). But I've done my job here. If anybody comes to the forums doing a search on that misspelled name, my post will come up and give them the scoop. Run away and rent anywhere else but there. I understand the benefit of only paying one w
  8. I wanted someplace small and cheap to just stand around trying on clothes or whatever. I found a place called "Appartment Life" (that's how they spell it). They have boards where you can choose a skybox. It seemed to be a legit, established place, despite the misspelled name. They host events. I got a 35L/week skybox that allows 50 prims. I set out four items for a total land impact of 14. It seemed to be working out ok after having been there for 5 weeks, so I paid 4 weeks in advance on 2/24. Four days later I got an offline from the rent board informing me that I'd been evicted and my 4 item
  9. Thanks! Firestorm viewer. I will try what you suggest about resetting the Current Outfit Folder. That sounds promising.
  10. Thanks for responding. It is so strange. I can't imagine that the HUDs are scripted for that.
  11. This is new for me. I will add a HUD, for instance one that dispenses something I bought. When the folder has appeared in my inventory, I detach the HUD. I am in the habit of doing this from my inventory...right click, "detach from yourself." And I'm getting instances where the HUD detaches and half my body parts and clothing do, too. It's always the same things that get removed, for instance my Lelutka mesh head stays, along with my eyes, but my teeth get removed. My Maitreya body will get removed but my hands and feet stay. My AO disappears, and always my hair. This happens randomly, not eve
  12. That is correct; it's to help prevent platforms being set up between 100 - 2000.
  13. For some of us the mailboxes got broken during some update and we all had to file tickets.
  14. That's what my question was about, though it seems like I was misunderstood. It seems like 100 is plenty high, but I wondered if there was something I was missing that makes 400 necessary for some people.
  15. The object has buttons and bars you have to press. I was able to drop the scripts into a rock, but the rock lacks the "here" button that sets the location.
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