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  1. Last 2 day I faced a problem in second life I see me and other avatar only as cloud I test my internet line that show ok then I test lag meter that show all normal , but still all same problem after log in it show only cloud then after few time it show different part load fail at notification bar place please see my issued i am so worried
  2. Thank u dear give me reply i understand all now they told me required by applicable law to maintain your identification information
  3. they want my national id card or like that there have my rl name they will accepted it ? i am very worried if show they my nickname ?
  4. i din,t know here need original id card so i was used nick name when create account but i am change it display my rl name but here and support ticket and this forum and some area show still this nick name my nick name is mariakhan that show here
  5. well look show my name show here mariakhan but its not my rl name i changed it at sl viewer so there show rl name with my avatar and here also some place like marketplace show my rl name but support ticket and this forum and some area show still this nick name i think u understand
  6. so for my current nickname show here website don,t any problem verified ?
  7. hey all i need a help, linden lab hold my process credit they send a email and want verified information like my national id card or like that i have my id card but a problem here when my account created i was use my neck name that name don,t have my national id card , i was also changed my nick name by real name from second life viewer but still show thsi website nick name now my question they will accepted my national id card with my rl name ? spite showed my nick name
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