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  1. Horsefly. Sorry, my English is not so good.
  2. I've seen the moles build campsites on the west coast. I do not want to see mosquitoes and brake stitches here. Much more I wish to see the streets of San Francisco and life. With or without Karl Malden and Michael Douglas. The city life would be awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUY89iPaHNs
  3. - Save image to PC - Upload image on the internet e.g. https://de.share-your-photo.com/ - Copy link to the picture and put it into the forum
  4. There may be other Dj's, but in most cases, entertainers or Dj's are paid in advance for the release. It would only be justified if it served a charity. It's the same with Bay City, and you get a gift for the donation, if I remember that right. In addition, someone who relies on donations to conduct an event should better keep their hands off of it.
  5. The depicted neighbor is really bad. But in general I love wild neighbors. It makes it more relaxed and is always interesting. I really like it. I live in a southern calm area and enjoy it.
  6. Please also note the SL16B birthday party and the summer holidays. I expect 2 weak months, but after that it should be faster.
  7. A town center is a very good idea. With shops, coffeehouse, bakery, police and fire station even to a fitness center. The possibilities are unlimited. A place where something is always going on.
  8. She is an amazing builder and looks beyond adorable. Lucky to live in this area.
  9. I do not think you will get a better house with a "super premium plus abo". Much more I think of a shopping mall where Bellisseia residents can exhibit and sell their built things. In your own home, it is forbidden. This encourages creativity and makes a good overall impression. Beautiful spacious villas can be built elsewhere.
  10. Not everyone at LL will be satisfied with the new idea. Especially landowners who rent or sell land may see a threat in this matter. Not that you would boycott the thing, but you will not mind if it slows down a bit. I think this is a difficult birth and will not be easy.
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