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  1. Just throwing this out there, but I’d actually like to see Premium Plus versions of existing themes. I will think about new themes, though, and respond if any ideas come to me!
  2. "Gathered 'round the town square, a curious sight to behold, Moles and Lindens in pillories, their mischievous tales unfold."
  3. Derrick Linden... How cool would it be to have a manager that's a dragon (unless he's feeling "toasty!")? 😅
  4. I visited the welcome areas as well recently. I think the destinations look pretty well-made and it seems promising to me, too. I saw several mentors at the "Welcome Hub Social Plaza" and one at the" BelliHub" destination (I think it should be at least two). I was greeted upon arrival and offered assistance, if needed. Everyone was very friendly!
  5. I understand your point. I think what @Arielle Popstar said would be the best course of action. By being familiar, at least, with the support options available to direct users to them for viewers.
  6. I think a mentor should have understanding of all viewers, if possible (not suggesting this as a requirement, but it would be a plus to be able to assist further if needed). Each of them are fairly similar anyway, and it wouldn't be unlikely in my opinion that a new resident might have done prior research on viewers to appeal to their interests or be recommended (through friends, YouTube videos, etc.) to use something other than the default one before coming in-world. I'm sure they have guidelines, though, on how to approach a situation where someone is asking for help using another viewer.
  7. I applied. As someone else teased, I need a distraction from shopping, but in all seriousness I think it's a great idea to allow others a chance in their spare time to contribute to our virtual world and help others feel more comfortable in learning what it's about, how to get started, etc. The possibilities are endless here on Second Life--there's so much you can do and it's extremely overwhelming. I did a lot of research on my own to get accustom to the controls and customizing my avatar (but I also have a technical background), but there were times I got really frustrated with scenarios that were very unique and if it weren't for a few key people I met that gave advice at the time, I might not still be around. I'm curious, though, how many volunteers they're looking to select, and what the criteria for the screening process is. Also, when might those inquiring receive a response? If there are classes, I'm assuming most people have a valid chance of getting to try it out as long as they attend, do a good job, and follow the guidelines, but I don't know. I do agree that a community "Group Chat" with mentors would be a nice addition. In my opinion, that would be perfect and easy to maintain, plus it would allow more freedom for everyone to assist whenever they want/can as they're doing other things in-world.
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