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  1. Thank you for the help everyone, we appreciate it. he has a belleza jake body. i would love to get him a LAQ head like mine but i wouldn't know where to look. im having no luck on marketplace and only LAQ shop ive found is womens..where i got mine from.. but im going to look in to the other brands too with him.
  2. Hey, my husband got a mesh body a month ago but hes wanting a mesh head now...ive searched as much as i can but i can't find any male mesh heads...does anyone know where i can find them?
  3. i made my account when i was under 18 and ive learnt my lesson the hard way. ive found new ways to earn in game cash. thanks everyone
  4. thats another good point. one ebay seller said that person could be working for Linden labs and it was a trap.
  5. but how did they know i bought them off ebay?
  6. A month ago i bought second life money from an Ebay seller.. i received the money and all was well being the 1st time I've bought them.. i live in the UK. a few days later i get a warning for not buying them from Linden labs and if i kept doing this I'd lose my account. I've been feeling abit worried about buying them again anywhere outside of Linden labs. i don't want to use skrill and I've also never bought anything thats not in British pounds before. I've been asking a few ebay sellers if any of their buyers have had this problem and they all said No. I'm feeling curious to why i got this warning but not anyone else.
  7. AndreaHope

    Hair Textures

    Thank you Rolig, Sorry i can't give you much more info.. im very new to editing and making stuff but i'll keep what you said in mind
  8. AndreaHope

    Hair Textures

    Hello, I've got some textures for hair from a freebies place and i've tried to use them on a few different hairs but my problem is i'll right click the hair > Edit > texture > .. i will press the new one and have "apply now" ticked but when i press "ok" it goes back to the old one. what is happening?
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