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  1. Hey guys, the problem was the avastar, i took a update and now is working well, thanks for teach me new things!
  2. i thought the same in the begin, but i didn't change the model for make the pants, i used the dev kit like it is for make the pant in marvelous and after i used the same kit for rig i didn't change the avatar pose because i not wanted headaches but i was surprised with this bug
  3. Hey hunni, The belleza dev kit have some instructions to use the bind pose option so i was trying with it. i read the avastar doc about bind pose, and i saw that the recomended is not use bind pose with devkit of other creators. so i tried not use it, but the same bug in legs happened ☹️ and yes, i use the avastar
  4. Hello, i'm Nicholas and i'm learning how to make clothes for SL, i have a big problem and i don't know how to fix, i make everything right for make a fitted pants, and in blender i saw everything ok, when i make the upload for SL the pant not fit well, i really need help. i tryed first make to belleza jake mesh body, and i thought that maybe could be the dev kit, but i tryed with others bodys and the same happen, so is not a problem in dev kits i think. I know that in sl image is missing some parts of pants but the problem is that not fit well.
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