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  1. Just visited the new area. At first it was pretty laggy, but as I got further from the crowd near the entrance it rezzed nicely. Now, as a survivor of many family camping trips I would like to suggest a few additions that the Moles might want to add to the campgrounds to lend verisimilitude: - Showers and sanitary facilities. It was luxurious camping when there were facilities with hot water and other amenities. Maybe just one per region, with the paths leading to them covered with gravel that crunches when you walk on it (especially in the middle of the night). -If there is going to be fishing there needs to be a place to clean fish. -I saw there were electrical outlets, but don't remember seeing any water faucets. Maybe a few old-fashioned hand pumps? -I've visited the campfire sites near SL Tahoe that have marshmellow roasting options, so I know the Moles have got that, but what about smoke? There needs to be a way to have campfire smoke that goes past the parcel edges and annoys your neighbors. -Wildlife: bears, skunks, and raccoons that root in the garbage (oh, I didn't see any garbage cans or waste water outlets), scrub jays and squirrels that grab things off the picnic tables, mosquitos that buzz in your ear, deer.... (Maybe 'campground pests' could be a part for role-players?). -Some different terrain options like redwood forest, high desert, beach sanddunes? -Darkness. I noticed that there were small lights near the side of the road, and I didn't think to change my viewer to nighttime to see how much light they cast. Don't forget that part of the joy of camping for some people is lying on your back at night and looking up at the stars. I realize that the realities of camping are a lot different than the 'romance of camping', but I wanted to put all my quibbles in one basket before actual residents started complaining. On the plus side, I think the camping area is MAGNIFICENT! Any time we could have scored any one of those sites when we were camping we would have considered ourselves very lucky indeed. They aren't crowded together, and each site is different. The landscaping is wonderful. I especially liked the little touches like the coffeepots. The camping units themselves are very nicely constructed, with attention to detail. I'm not tempted to trade in my current place, but when everyone who wants one has a Bellisserian home, one of 'us' might move there. We already have a pink flamingo...
  2. I am wondering if the 'school house' could be a mini 'orientation' station - both a gateway for new residents, and a place to show some of the new videos Linden Labs has been producing. Of course, if new users think that Second Life is all like Bellisseria, they will be in for a shock when they leave Paradise. (We need a large virtual exit gate with angels with flaming swords on both sides)...
  3. Made my houseboat into an Art Gallery. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Echo Cove/118/113/28- Open to Public - Free Coffee and donuts. Feel free to sit on the deck and relax. I hope to change the displays periodically.
  4. NO water view, NO water access, , NOT by any roads, NO protection on any side. It IS in one of the more established, sedate (up until now), regions in Second Life. You CAN play with terraforming here if you don't want to buy a whole region. I bought this parcel from my landlord after I had rented it for a while, but now I've gotten busy with several projects and I'm just spread too thin. The landscape isn't really red and green, I just took the snapshot in "show owner" settings, so that you could get a better idea of the parcel.
  5. I believe the myriad ways that people are landscaping their parcels is one of the things that keeps Bellisseria from being boring. Sure, some people will push the limits, but ... this is Second Life, after all, not 'Lockstep Condominiums, where the window side of your drapes all have to be the same approved color'. I was visiting Calleta the other day, and actually had a bit of nostalgia for the chaos that exists in much of the Mainland. I have some nitpicks with some Bellesarian residents' items that are just too cute, but I can always de-render them. I can't wait until people start decorating for the holidays.
  6. Has no one any compassion for those of us who did get new houses or houseboats, spent all their Lindens decorating, and are now worried that in the next release we will see something we like better but are worried that if we give up what we have we might lose everything and be homeless? I got a new houseboat by joining in the scrum, Spent every Linden on it ‘till I don’t have a crumb And now I am worried when the new places come out Will I trade for a better or sit here and pout? I’d love to have two homes but I’m told it’s not fair To be double dipping, and that I must share.. But I’m more poor than noble, so here is my plight Should I gamble on trading up, or just sit tight? (You can try to sing this to the tune of "I've spent all my money on whiskey and beer" but it won't work.)
  7. I do a lot of exploring, and I find that depending on the continent, subcontinent, or region you are visiting, lag can vary wildly. True, a good estate manager can help things run more smoothly by making their tenants follow reasonable rules. In my opinion, though, I think most of the Mainland's problems are caused by residents who overload the system with too many textures, too many scripts, and bad mesh. I have a small parcel on one of the oldest regions, and I'm always surprised how well it runs*, while a brand new region can be swamped when a large number of avatars converge bearing bling. *hope I don't have to eat those words.
  8. I would like a concierge service to sort out my inventory, and a tutor to help me get dressed without ending up with either skin showing in odd places or being invisible in spots, or both.... If I have to have more than one premium alt because of the 'group land tier thing' why can't they trade items back and forth without all that fuss about permissions? And, someday, I would like a last name so I could pretend I've been here forever... And, could someone teach me Blender?
  9. Retirement homes? To be serious, I believe that there is potential for virtual reality to be a place to form communities for those of us who are no longer so mobile, but still want new experiences. I considered building a replica of my retirement community in Minecraft and inviting my neighbors to join, but quickly realized that they weren't quite ready yet. Maybe the next generation...
  10. First, Thank you for the spreadsheet. I was trying to do the calculations myself last night, but this makes it a lot easier. I had been automatically assuming that having more premium alts would result in lower tier costs (what with group ownership reduction) but it looks like I am going to have to do some more thinking. I should add that I prefer to do the once-a-year premium payment rather than paying monthly tier because my outgoing expenses are irregular and some months I have a little more unallocated income than others. Pardon the non-related addendum, but I want to put all of my thinks in one basket, and I got verily tired of reading all the posts last night and hope that these will be my only comments on the recent developments: - regarding premium increase, I believe it is fair, and I hope the moles and the lindens all got raises. - regarding group memberships, I don't believe it is fair to reduce the number of groups for basic members. For myself, I limit the number of groups I belong to because so many group members seem to regard the group notices as their own private chat groups, and some businesses and organizations post way too frequently, but a lot of members and businesses rely on having groups. - regarding reduced cost for owning large tracts of land - doesn't apply to me, and won't unless I win a lottery, but it does seem fair to give bulk discounts. - regarding those who are being priced out of premium because of VAT, or because they are on a very fixed income, I wish there were some way they could get a reduced rate so that they could stay with us. If anyone puts up a 'go fund me' page, please let me know. - Now back to my regularly scheduled second life. I have recently found that I can save a few lindens (and have a lot of fun) going to the secondary gacha market when I need something. I still spend my whole stipend every week....
  11. I sent an alt up to look at it, and it is called "Eye of the Dragon". There are legends that some hills are sleeping dragons, so perhaps we should be careful where we step, in case we accidentally wake it up.
  12. I have four alts, and each one seems to have acquired a different persona, although that was not my intention. I didn't start out with four alts. There was a time in the past when I came back to Second Life after a bad turn in reality and had forgotten my two former alt's names and passwords. I made two new alts but when I found the old ones again it was like a family reunion. Three of them take turns doing different things, and one sits around on a houseboat and spends her sisters' stipends. One belongs to the majority of the groups so that the other three don't get constant messages. One of them has a massive 33,000 inventory. With them as a group I save a bit on tier and I have a small but steady allowance in Second Life. The yearly premiums I consider as entertainment expense.
  13. I think we need a slogan. Here is one idea:"Bellisseria - The Best of Both Worlds". I was also wondering if residents thought that adding free sailboat rezzers to the areas near the lighthouses would be a good idea or a bad idea.
  14. I confess that when I first saw the newest addition to Bellissaria on the map my thought was "parking lot?", but when I actually went over 'in person' I was pleased by how carefully almost every houseboat was situated and how sandbars were being used as part of the landscaping and I admired all the little touches that make each area unique. I also love how so many of the boats and houses are being customized, and I love the whole feeling of being in a community. I have a small parcel on the Mainland which borders on navigatable water, but I can only sail so far without running into a place where land sellers have sold 'building spots' on water plots all the way out to the Void Ocean, so you can't get past. I have driven on Mainland roads, but I can only drive so far without running into a place where someone's ban lines are so close to the road that I've lost my vehicle. I've flown over Sansara, but even following the roads I can't get far before I am swatted out of the sky by someone's mis-set security orb. Here in Bellissaria you can sail around the whole continent, and even over to the Mainland. You can fly almost everywhere (at the proper altitude) without being sent back home by someone's touchy orb. You can go down the roads without running into banlines or advertising spam. Best of all, you can sit and enjoy the view without worrying about what might be built next door, because your neighbors are part of a community that mostly works together (when we're not arguing on the forums). Try it, you'll like it. Let me add: I love exploring the Mainland. There are so many places to visit and things to do that I will never get tired of it, but at the end of the day it is nice to have a quiet place to call home.
  15. Finally finished furnishing the Wallower (I ran out of Lindens). I put up solar panels*, added a small deck extension, and a wind-water generator. Now I'm sitting down for a cup of tea with the stone dragon, while I wait for the new neighbors to move in. *solar panel textures free at the Port of Kama City in Mosh Region in Zindra.
  16. I had started by looking at houses, but on a whim decided to try for a houseboat and wound up with one in an excellent location so decided not to try my luck any further. Living on a houseboat is challenging in many ways - I've never felt the need to 'decorate' before, but the boat is in a very public location and I don't want passersby to think Bellisserians are slobs. I also miss terraforming and gardening, and trying out different structures to see how they fit with a parcel. Also, I'm not sure I would be happy in a houseboat location in the middle of a sea of other houseboats. Please forgive me, Moles (you do so much), but when I first saw the outline of the upcoming extension, my first thought was "parking lot?" I love Bellisseria - the feeling of community here, and how people have customized their homes . I plan to stay here, but I might be tempted by one of the new homes when they come out.
  17. Some ideas: Adopt Bay City as a 'Sister City'. Welcome wagon - but to do this we would need a better way of keeping track of residents, which means we need addresses. Right now I tell people "teleport to Echo Cove and turn left". OK, yes, I know we have teleport location codes, but it would be more fun to say "I live at #? on ____ Pier, or "I live at #? on Greenbriar Road." (However; I realize that for residents to get together and do this in SL would be like herding cats). Another idea - at some point I picked up an old "I am" sign from the early days of SL. It gave a little information about each resident that displayed it. Maybe just a sign with our avatar name on it on display outside our abodes? I like the idea of bus stops. Can someone program a bus, or could the Yavapods turn into buses when they run through the continent? Annual holiday "Rez day" to celebrate the day the first few residences became available? Someone suggested a community center. I think this is a good idea as long as I don't have to do it. The community centers in different places have different freebies available, and this might be a place to put boxes with the new house and houseboat textures. Is anyone setting up a table at SLB16? If people want to form law enforcement role play groups, then we need a 'criminal' RP group, and a 'victim' RP group. Having police cars chasing bad guys or ambulances going by with flashing lights would make me feel very much at home. (Since I'm in a houseboat, it would have to be patrol boats rushing past...) For Second Life as a whole - a better Pantheon. I know we have monuments to different Lindens and mythical heroes, and there are temples to various RL dieties, but I don't recall seeing any temples to the Goddess of Lag, or to the God that midway through your teleport detaches most of your garments and attaches them at odd points on your body.
  18. I'm not through decorating, but I started by adding a small bathroom to my houseboat, The Wallower. I made a partition to fit and inserted an Iris Door from AleyMart, a Towel Heater, a 1964 Max toilet, a crystal mirror, a sink with c/w tap, a Koi Glass texture, and a gas style bath. You are free to visit and make a copy of the wall if you choose. Please don't look at the rest of the place. Best way to get there is to go to Echo Cove on your map - my teleports always end up with me landing in the water. The houseboat is the greenish one on your left when you land.
  19. I like castles on top of a mountain. If I wanted to build a castle, I might survey the mountainous areas of Jeogot, Central Sansara, and the Sharp Continents looking for yellow patches that indicate parcels are for sale.
  20. My two cents - I haven't always followed the forums, but I tried to check in daily after the first 'SSP' sightings were posted. If you read back through the posts you can see there was no 'advance information' given out here ahead of time, so it was a surprise when I got home one day and found that Bellisseria was finally open for business. Fortunately I had already gotten an alt ready for the land rush. The Second Life forums are the closest thing we have to a news outlet for residents. Yes, a lot of time residents (myself included) don't have time to read everything here. I think the main complaint here is 'nobody told me'. Perhaps we need a "news group" that people could join that would alert online residents to what is going on? I have met residents that didn't know where Bellisseria was....
  21. I see I was in too much of a hurry - when it started it seems like the only places they were offering were near the water. Hours later parcels were being populated all the way back to the foothills. I found it exciting watching all the newcomers starting to landscape and add features.
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