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  1. On 12/8/2019 at 6:05 PM, Pussycat Catnap said:
    1. Sky rocks with little cottages or castles on them.
    2. Underwater - at least 80-100m depth. In pod-plants or shell houses.
    3. Cyberpunk meets Jetsons sky city
    4. Deep forest tree houses that are in the middle to top layer of trees that are at LEAST 100m tall.

    - You can randomly sort that order and I am equally there.












    I like these suggestions. The underwater abodes would also work for Chicky Delicioso's suggestion for underwater Mermaid homes.

    I also like Sean Heavy's idea of having areas set aside for small 'Mom & Pop' shops, although my more focused ask would be for places where folks who operate nonprofit 'community organizations'* could settle without having to worry about what might be happening to their neighborhood. Right now, for example, my main alt has a tiny hobby 'business' that is on a parcel of Mainland that is as big as her/our budget can afford. The neighbors, so far, have been great, but since I've moved there a mini-mansion full of cats appeared next door, and another resident has left and put up a large parcel for sale, so who knows what the future might bring.

    Another suggestion - areas with 'seasons'.  I know this would be difficult, but not impossible. You can already buy trees and bushes that can have seasonal change. I know it would require residents give  up some choice in their landscaping - something like living in certain "Christmas Tree Lanes" in the US, but imagine if  you could say "Come to ______ in Belli to see the fall color!" or "Come to _________in Belli to see the cherry blossoms!"

    *If you've been to fan conventions like ComiCon you'll know that there is usually an area of 'fan tables'. Most of these non-profits could live on a standard Belli plot with the exception that they be allowed to put their places in Search. 



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  2. 12 minutes ago, Daniel Voyager said:

    Has anyone noticed now that no one can fly or boat between the continents from the west side. 

    There are regions missing and no go areas. 



    I'm wondering how much of the Mainland here will be accessible by boat from Belli? Some of what looks like open water is currently private land with some underwater structures. Is there a way through?

    Also - the dark island that contains that Pyri Fun Fair has been chopped off on the west side for some time - I remember the Fun Fair quest* as one of my first adventures in Second Life and hope that it won't be replaced by more housing or some more 'advanced' entertainment.

    *Take a ride on the Tunnel of Love


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  3. On 11/30/2019 at 10:15 AM, Pussycat Catnap said:

    Ok. I do see some themes if we step away from specific in the various ideas.

    My desire for a governance body is about making sure the residents have a voice to the lindens, without it being pure chaos... as in how do we all tell them what we want, without meetings that dissolve in a mess of yelling at each other... I figured you'd not like the idea... but I would also say that groups like this are worst when they're composed of people who wanted that power... best when made of people who are resistant and wary of abuse. :)
    - If there's a better way to make sure they know general resident ideas, I'd be for that... to me that's part of zoning - figuring out how to decide it... BUT... it's probably a different topic.


    So... as for the rest of my post...

    It looks like maybe half of the ideas everyone is putting forward 'partly match' other people.


    • We all seem to want to do something about sky clutter
    • We all want something done about those privacy walls that don't 'fit in'.
    • I think most people think ban lines and security orbs are not being used right.
    • We all dislike the advert spam
    • I defer to others on vehicles... as I noted in one of my posts up there - while I like them as a concept I'm just on my land, I don't have the broad experience to see the flaws in how a cool idea actually ends up working...

    (obviously when I say "we all" above - the people creating these issues are not in agreement... :) )




    My two cents:

    - Sky domes should not be visible from the ground within normal draw distance

    - Privacy walls? Well, the good thing about them is that they help you form an opinion about the residents who erect them. 

    - How about ban lines only above 4000 feet?

    - I do like the pod tours, though.

    - I would like to see right-of-ways restored for roads and rails, rivers and shorelines. There are too many places where former routes are now closed - for example, the road through The Great Wall (last time I looked) and the land owners who built in water near the shorelines so that you cannot circumnavigate most continents.

    - I would also like there to be a rule that you can't cut up land into little bits -

    - In my dreams, Mainland plots would have protective easements. Terraforming a smaller parcel of land is harder when you have to worry if you are also inadvertently terraforming your neighbor's property. 

  4. On 11/20/2019 at 11:06 AM, animats said:


    Ice Hub in Crankshaft This is an official Linden premium destination. Some kind of quest. Also seems to be out of service. The destination guide sends you to a landmark at the wrong end of the quest, and if you go there you may never even find the official starting point.

    The Moles are probably too busy trying to expand Bellesaria.


    The Ice Hub Quest has been closed for quite some time. I believe it has been over a year since I put in a request asking them to either fix the Quest or remove it.   I had an old Hud in inventory, and I checked some of the old landmarks.  Some of the content is still there, but there is no interaction with the HUD.

    I think it is a shame, since it was an interesting Quest that visited several different locations.  I think it also gives a poor impression to visitors who might see the signs and keep coming back to see if the quest has been repaired yet. 

  5. On 7/29/2019 at 5:42 AM, Ford Bebb said:

    The security orb does work, just not consistently. While set for 15 seconds, it sometimes boots uninvited guests after 15 seconds, but has also not kicked in for up to 4 minutes. After tracking intrusions it appears to be a lot of newbies without payment info ( although a Belli resident was sitting on her horse in my side yard  for up to 4 minutes yesterday before being booted). The restriction to create ban lines is a mistake. I am not gonna start building ban lists for 1 or 2 time intruders who will more than likely never show up again, but it is the daily intrusion of 1 or more intruders that get to sit for 1 minute or up to 4 minutes that is annoying and constant. After speaking to a friend, they are also experiencing this. Keeping the option on so that avatars outside the parcel cannot see you is a great privacy option, but as someone said I am tired of an intruder popping up in my face uninvited into what is supposed to be my home. 

    My apologies if I was one of the ones who set off your security system. When I was test-driving the horse I forgot to set up "see property lines". That was the only time I ever got a warning message, and it was very polite - as I rode away it said "thank you for leaving".



  6. Aley Mart has a wearable Hobo bicycle that can be modified. Free on Marketplace or at the Museum in Mieville.

    There are also two off-the-rack avatars that come with horses. (You can adapt the clothing of the human part if you don't want to look as if you just came out of the 'new avatar' chute. 





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  7. 4 hours ago, CynicismSells said:

    That is the question...

    Advantages and disadvantages of a belli skybox?

    I don't have a skybox in Belli, but I do have a sky platform I use to change clothes and open boxes. On Mainland, I have a small parcel where most of my prims are in skyboxes to help preserve the look of the landscape, and because I've been told that building higher helps reduce lag.

    Sidenote: I was putting up another skybox on my Mainland bit yesterday and I was having a hard time finding an altitude where I couldn't see one of the neighbors' skyboxes. Had to move it three times. :)

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  8. On 7/15/2019 at 7:50 PM, Fritigern Gothly said:

    Does this look like a giant squid to you too?


    I went to look, and I couldn't find a giant squid. There wasn't one in the region called "Giant Squid" either. I would like there to be a giant squid somewhere.

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  9. 10 hours ago, point Coage said:

    if i dont get a lenden homei will cancle prem  all this try to get a lenden home is a joke

    I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm just speaking for myself, but even if you decide to downgrade to basic membership, you are still welcome to visit our community and participate in events. I realize it is very frustrating to be stuck in a position where you are, essentially, homeless. Perhaps you could find a temporary rental while you wait? Please let me know if there is any way I can help.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Leora Jacobus said:

    THAT's just what I felt! 

    The darned thing is just toooo complicated! They tried to squeeze tooooo many features into one programm! It lets you not only make 3D Objects but also make your own animation film! I do not want that! And I do not need 95% of their buttons! And I do not know how to find the 5% that I do need!

    Yup - I periodically try to learn Blender. Immediately afterwards they decide to do an update of the program. A course on Blender I bought at Udemy is in the process of going from one version to another, so some classes are taught in the current version, and some in another. I will keep trying, though.

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  11. On 7/7/2019 at 8:17 AM, Penny Patton said:

    Create an SL calendar. The calendar could be integrated with profiles, event listings, groups and land. When at a location in SL you could open the calendar to see upcoming events listed at that location. With the calendar open you could see all events for all of the groups you were a part of, or filter to specific groups. For events you were interested in, you could set reminders, so SL would remind you when an event was coming up. You could see account creation dates for your friends so you could wish them a happy SL birthday. Group anniversaries. Partnership anniversaries. Etc.

    I think this is a good idea. I have more than one alt, and I don't sign every one of them up for the same groups for many reasons, thus it often happens that I am 'wearing the wrong alt' when group announcements are made. Yes, there is Google Calendar, but that presupposes I am organized -- also some of my groups don't schedule things far in advance.

    I've recently spent several hours trying to be a 'helper' at events and at a newbie welcome center, and I'm finding that there are a large number of volunteers putting long hours into helping newcomers, but there doesn't seem to be any over-all strategy. I'm currently surveying the different newbie help centers and they vary tremendously in number of attendees, number of volunteers, information offered, and relevance of information offered.

    Many newcomers are wary of help when it is offered directly.  I love hunts, how about a 'Welcome to Second Life" hunt with prizes awarded after new avatars complete certain tasks?. At one location, for example, a newcomer might get a prize after completing a short course on "How to open a box without getting it attached to you" - and the prize could be in the box itself.

    I'd also love to see the different newcomers groups come together in some fashion to share information, but that will be after cats become herdable...


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  12. 28 minutes ago, Beth Macbain said:

    Scavenger hunt! 

    They couldn't be right out in the open, of course... Perhaps a treasure map? Some clues? That would be so much fun!

    http://thesecondlifetourist.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2019-03-31T23:06:00-07:00&max-results=7 - my article from, I think, November 2016 on hunting for Linden Bears. There is also a Wiki page showing known Linden bears, although it is not updated. I also have a notecard with information about hunting Linden bears in my Tourist Information Center.  And while I'm tooting my own horn I would like to note that I have added "LDPW Mole Fan Club T-shirt " dispensers to my "Art Gallery" in Echo Cove (look for the water dragon).

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  13. On 6/27/2019 at 3:22 PM, Chic Aeon said:


    Here is the list of the ORIGINAL participants. Most should still be there. Some new ones will be there as fill-in. I am pretty sure that most creators sent out notices to their group. I have no group -- hence no notice :D. 

    I read this as asking for designations at the Hop and Shop since stores aren't allowed at the birthday celebration :D. Hope that was what you were asking.    

    ::ZED:: Designz for MEN and Bella Moda    Halcyon
    :UNA:    Gilded
    !APHORISM!       Tinseled
    .{PSYCHO:Byts}.     Golden
    .ICONIC Hair       Tinseled
    .peaches.    Tinseled
    [ Aleutia ]       Halcyon
    [^.^Ayashi^.^]        Gilded
    [InsurreKtion]       Aurelian
    {amiable}        Golden
    {Buing}        Gilded
    {le fil cassé}       Aurelian
    {Limerence}      Aurelian
    {ViSion}      Golden
    Addams       Halcyon
    alaskametro<3 halcyon="" nbsp="" p="">alme.        Gilded
    Alpha Male       Tinseled
    anxiety        Golden
    Apple Fall       Tinseled
    Apple May Designs     Tinseled
    ARATA       Gilded
    Ariskea    Aurelian
    ASO!      Halcyon
    Baiastice       Gilded
    Bauhaus Movement      Tinseled
    Blueberry      Gilded
    Blushed    Aurelian
    Bombae     Aurelian
    Caboodle      Halcyon
    Candy Kitten       Aurelian
    Canimal      Halcyon
    Casse lustre    Tinseled
    ChiC buildings      Golden
    Dahlia        Halcyon
    Dead Dollz    Aurelian
    DUFAUX | mesh boutique      Tinseled
    E.V.E       Golden
    EarthStones      Halcyon
    Eliavah        Aurelian
    ELIKATIRA        Halcyon
    ella       Aurelian
    Envious      Golden
    Evie       Golden
    Fallen Gods Inc.     Aurelian
    fashionably dead     Gilded
    Formanails     Halcyon
    FOXCITY    Tinseled
    Foxy       Tinseled
    Garbaggio    Halcyon
    Hangry       Aurelian
    Hello Dave    Halcyon
    JellyRoll  Gilded
    Kaerri        Aurelian
    KOR       Tinseled
    KuddelMuddel        Gilded
    Lamb       Tinseled
    Lapointe and BastChild     Golden
    LURE        Golden
    Lybra     Golden
    Mangula      Gilded
    Masoom        Aurelian
    Melon Bunny       Tinseled
    Miss Chelsea      Aurelian
    MIWAS        Halcyon
    MODA       Halcyon
    Mon Cheri      Halcyon
    moss&mink      Halcyon
    narcisse       Aurelian
    neve    not    Aurelian
    New Faces       Halcyon
    no.match_       Golden
    OLD TREASURES    Aurelian
    Petit Chat Original    s  Golden
    PinkRayne       Golden
    Rama       Gilded
    RAPTURE        Halcyon
    Revoul        Gilded
    RIOT     Golden
    SEmotion      Golden
    Seniha Originals        Tinseled
    Silence.        Tinseled
    Silvan Moon Design       Gilded
    Sintiklia       Gilded
    Slink       Tinseled
    spectacledchic      Gilded
    Spoiled        Gilded
    Stardust   s    Tinseled
    Sweet Thing.      Golden
    Tentacio        Tinseled
    toksik    Aurelian
    Tres Blah      Tinseled
    Valentina E.    Golden
    Vanilla Bae        Gilded
    Vanity Hair        Aurelian
    VARONIS        Gilded
    vista animations        Golden
    What Next       Gilded
    Wilds of Organica        Halcyon
    Zibska        Gilded


    Thank you very much. I've made this into a notecard for my own use as Greeter, and I sent a copy to one of the boss greeters to see if this could be available to all the greeters. If I do the greeter thing next year (God willing) I will try to get this (and other things) done sooner.  The offshore shopping area seems to be very popular, but the few times I've been there the lag has been a bit daunting.

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  14. I managed to track down a dispenser for the LDPW Fan Club t-shirts. They can be found outside the Arboretum in Bay City. 

    Here's the slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Dennis/244/166/24  The signs may take a few moments to come in focus.

    I would like to add that Bay City is a wonderful place to explore. Like Bellisseria, their landscape was molded by the Moles, so every year they celebrate Mole Day in February. Unlike Bellisseria, the parcels are in private hands, and they are rather expensive. I think that Bellisserians could learn a lot from the folks in Bay City and perhaps some day we could make them a "Sister City".


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  15. Thank you Moles. Some of the things I love about Mole-builds are the small, hidden touches that are added in obscure places - like "Easter Eggs" but I suppose they are better called "Mole Eggs". :) Many of them have already been found in Bellisseria, but you will find them all over Second Life. 

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but there is an LDPW Fan Club Group that you can join for free. Also, I believe some of the Moles are scheduled to be interviewed at the Second Life Birthday party tomorrow. I won't be able to attend 'in avatar' because of a previous committment, but the interviews will probably be filmed and available on YouTube.

    Thank you, Moles!

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  16. 2 hours ago, CoffeeDujour said:

    Breed-able furniture, message received and understood !

    *ducks and runs away*

    Please don't give anyone ideas. I can see it now - people breeding special armchairs, for example.

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  17. On 6/22/2019 at 10:21 AM, soulsofree said:

    I love decorating mainland! Before I learned about the new homes, I would find small parcels by points of interest and make them public or cute for a visit. Now I'm looking forward to my retirement home. 😂

    Here's my latest redesign- a mountain home and park on Fucosa. It's on the side of a tall mountain, overlooking SLRR, adjacent to a fun trail that almost spans the continent. My neighbors are awesome and there's cafes and such along the trail.

    I'm still decorating my home but you're welcome to frolic in the lavender and visit the park- there's a bike rezzer for you to bike the trail if you'd like! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fucosa/24/55/127 ❤️




    I visited the area, and your layout is wonderful. I especially like the bulletin board that fits very well with the Route next to you. Mainland CAN be beautiful!

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  18. 14 hours ago, Nathaliee Ranimo said:

    Thank you LittleMe !!

    In fact, I would like to get a lot without the Linden house ... I have my own house.

    Where can I find my land of 1024 m² ?
    Also, should I search the land for sale ?

    I would like to recommend Lindal Kidd's class at Oxbridge University at 12pm on Saturdays on "How to Buy Land". Also, my blog article on "How Not to Buy Land in Second Life" goes into detail on all the mistakes I have made (and continue to make) when buying land in Second Life.

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  19. 4 hours ago, kiramanell said:


    That's a great airship! Didn't you have it on a chain somewhere? :) 

    Also, I recall buying a birdy from her store. And now she's selling off everything at 0 LL. I hope someone didn't copybot her or anything, and deciding to just hand it out for free then (like the person now giving away the 'Basically Girl AO' for free). I should ask her.

    https://secondlife.fandom.com/wiki/Arcadia_Asylum Arcadia (or Aley, or any of her other names) was an early and prolific creator in prims and sculpts, and you can see her work in many places. I would recommend a visit to the Library in Mieville to get more information about her history and see some of the things she made. It is estimated she made over 3000 objects, some of them very complex. ALL of them are free.

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