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  1. My apologies if I was one of the ones who set off your security system. When I was test-driving the horse I forgot to set up "see property lines". That was the only time I ever got a warning message, and it was very polite - as I rode away it said "thank you for leaving".
  2. Aley Mart has a wearable Hobo bicycle that can be modified. Free on Marketplace or at the Museum in Mieville. There are also two off-the-rack avatars that come with horses. (You can adapt the clothing of the human part if you don't want to look as if you just came out of the 'new avatar' chute.
  3. This looked familiar, so I looked through my archives, and the building appears to be a reproduction of the Spangle Railroad Station http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spangle/137/230/31 built by Garden Mole. The original does not have camels, but I believe there is a dead parrot in the area somewhere. Could the Moles be planning a Railroad History exhibit?
  4. I don't have a skybox in Belli, but I do have a sky platform I use to change clothes and open boxes. On Mainland, I have a small parcel where most of my prims are in skyboxes to help preserve the look of the landscape, and because I've been told that building higher helps reduce lag. Sidenote: I was putting up another skybox on my Mainland bit yesterday and I was having a hard time finding an altitude where I couldn't see one of the neighbors' skyboxes. Had to move it three times.
  5. I went to look, and I couldn't find a giant squid. There wasn't one in the region called "Giant Squid" either. I would like there to be a giant squid somewhere.
  6. I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm just speaking for myself, but even if you decide to downgrade to basic membership, you are still welcome to visit our community and participate in events. I realize it is very frustrating to be stuck in a position where you are, essentially, homeless. Perhaps you could find a temporary rental while you wait? Please let me know if there is any way I can help.
  7. Some of the Mainland Snow Regions have different winter sports areas with ski lifts, lodges, and winter sports - how about a resident village in the middle of snow-covered mountains with something similar? Instead of The Pickle we could have The Icicle.
  8. Yup - I periodically try to learn Blender. Immediately afterwards they decide to do an update of the program. A course on Blender I bought at Udemy is in the process of going from one version to another, so some classes are taught in the current version, and some in another. I will keep trying, though.
  9. I think this is a good idea. I have more than one alt, and I don't sign every one of them up for the same groups for many reasons, thus it often happens that I am 'wearing the wrong alt' when group announcements are made. Yes, there is Google Calendar, but that presupposes I am organized -- also some of my groups don't schedule things far in advance. I've recently spent several hours trying to be a 'helper' at events and at a newbie welcome center, and I'm finding that there are a large number of volunteers putting long hours into helping newcomers, but there doesn't seem to be any over-all strategy. I'm currently surveying the different newbie help centers and they vary tremendously in number of attendees, number of volunteers, information offered, and relevance of information offered. Many newcomers are wary of help when it is offered directly. I love hunts, how about a 'Welcome to Second Life" hunt with prizes awarded after new avatars complete certain tasks?. At one location, for example, a newcomer might get a prize after completing a short course on "How to open a box without getting it attached to you" - and the prize could be in the box itself. I'd also love to see the different newcomers groups come together in some fashion to share information, but that will be after cats become herdable...
  10. http://thesecondlifetourist.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2019-03-31T23:06:00-07:00&max-results=7 - my article from, I think, November 2016 on hunting for Linden Bears. There is also a Wiki page showing known Linden bears, although it is not updated. I also have a notecard with information about hunting Linden bears in my Tourist Information Center. And while I'm tooting my own horn I would like to note that I have added "LDPW Mole Fan Club T-shirt " dispensers to my "Art Gallery" in Echo Cove (look for the water dragon).
  11. Thank you very much. I've made this into a notecard for my own use as Greeter, and I sent a copy to one of the boss greeters to see if this could be available to all the greeters. If I do the greeter thing next year (God willing) I will try to get this (and other things) done sooner. The offshore shopping area seems to be very popular, but the few times I've been there the lag has been a bit daunting.
  12. I managed to track down a dispenser for the LDPW Fan Club t-shirts. They can be found outside the Arboretum in Bay City. Here's the slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Dennis/244/166/24 The signs may take a few moments to come in focus. I would like to add that Bay City is a wonderful place to explore. Like Bellisseria, their landscape was molded by the Moles, so every year they celebrate Mole Day in February. Unlike Bellisseria, the parcels are in private hands, and they are rather expensive. I think that Bellisserians could learn a lot from the folks in Bay City and perhaps some day we could make them a "Sister City".
  13. I'm helping out in the Welcome Area at SL16B, and I get frequent questions about where different merchant's shops are. Perhaps you could send out your SL16B slurl in group notices? (just an idea).
  14. Thank you Moles. Some of the things I love about Mole-builds are the small, hidden touches that are added in obscure places - like "Easter Eggs" but I suppose they are better called "Mole Eggs". Many of them have already been found in Bellisseria, but you will find them all over Second Life. Don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but there is an LDPW Fan Club Group that you can join for free. Also, I believe some of the Moles are scheduled to be interviewed at the Second Life Birthday party tomorrow. I won't be able to attend 'in avatar' because of a previous committment, but the interviews will probably be filmed and available on YouTube. Thank you, Moles!
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