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  1. This weekend in Little Yoshiwara... NATSU MATSURI - SUMMER FESTIVAL Our birthday festival will take place this weekend in Little Yoshiwara! Contests and events will be held back to back. Please see below for a full schedule and information! Please see the top post for a run down of regular weekly events! Little Yoshiwara Market and Gacha Resell Area: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/126/161/44 ✴' ' * • ♫♫♫*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✴♫♫♫•*' '✴ *FRIDAY- JULY 10th* 6 AM - Festival Opening and Ochaya Entertainment with Okaasan Yoneyu. 1 PM SLT - Rock Show - Hosted by Yoneyu. ((OOC)) Little Yoshiwara airport. 6 PM SLT - Great Purification Ritual at the Amaterasu Shrine - Hosted by the Jingu Association. 7 PM SLT - Japan's Past Pageant - Hosted by Hanae chan with linden and gacha prizes. ✴' ' * • ♫♫♫*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✴♫♫♫•*' '✴ *SATURDAY - JULY 11th* 8 AM SLT: Shinto mikoshi procession and Uzume: Amaterasu Shinto shrine - Hosted by the Jingu Association (Xuemei) 2 PM SLT - Geisha Odori with Geisha Hiroko. 4 PM SLT - Great Yoshiwara Horse Race - CASH PRIZES. Hosted by Xuemei. 6 PM SLT - Event to be announced 8 PM SLT - Chinowa Ritual at the Inari Shrine. ✴' ' * • ♫♫♫*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✴♫♫♫•*' '✴ *SUNDAY - JULY 12th* 6 AM SLT - Chinowa Ritual at the Inari Shrine- Geisha Xuemei 9AM SLT Tea Ceremony conducted by Geisha Sayu 12PM SLT - Yoshiwara Fishing Contest -Musume Hiroko 2 PM SLT - Festival Odori at the Pavilion - Geisha Yoneyu presiding theme of Tanabata 4 PM SLT - Kabuki Theatre Troupe performance of the Noh play 'Atsumori'. 6 PM SLT - Lantern Lighting in the Garden - Geisha Tora ✴' ' * • ♫♫♫*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✴♫♫♫•*' '✴ NEW IN LY: Grand opening of the Shizuku Inn Ryokan in Little Yoshiwara! We offer prefurnished rooms and entertainment for your stay. Come enjoy old Japan with your friends and family! Please contact Hanae (Meowca) for rates and info. Reopening of the Little Yoshiwara sake house! From time to time, you may see a yakuza or two behind the counter. But don't worry, they won't hurt you! ...Too much. Reopening of the Yoshiwara Uji Dojo. Little Yoshiwara Sky Dojo We train on Saturdays at 5 pm SLT, in C:SI (Combat Samurai Island system) and Unity system. For lessons or info, please contact one of the following: Meowca - Dojo Manager Konamy - C:SI sensei Ujiu - C:SI sensei Ryuichi.Watanabe - Unity Sensei
  2. That is a good question. Since I am normally performing in the show I try to keep my complexity low. However, I have been banned running minimal scripts and with complexity of 29k. I don't think this is it but it is something I have considered.
  3. I am on good terms with the people of the sim where I am employed. However, every weekend at the same time we have a show. Sometimes, I am banned randomly during this show time. Others have also been banned during this time. When I get banned, I get a notification like "You have been banned. You have 15 seconds to leave the area or you will be ejected." If I leave before the 15 seconds elapse, I do not get banned. This issue has been a long term problem. It has made working very difficult. Is it possible to view What or Who banned me? Please help.
  4. Little Yoshiwara is a Japanese town, in the Bakumatsu era. In Little Yoshiwara, you can rent a beautiful house, visit the onsen, fight in the dojo, find the ghost, do some shopping, go to geisha school, just to name a few activities! It is a great destination for a family vacation and also a marvelous place to live, with rich culture. Everyone is welcome! However, we do ask that you keep things PG13. Also note that geisha are not sex workers, but artists. While we encourage you to explore the sim, please respect the privacy of our residents and do not trespass on people's homes. Please consider → VISITING LITTLE YOSHIWARA ← And possibly JOIN THE LY PATRON GROUP FOR UPDATES! → secondlife:///app/group/12d49585-8fda-71d7-3806-740ae40c42f1/about ← ❀═✿═❀═══════════════════════════════╗ R E C U R R I N G E V E N T S : Friday: 7 PM SLT - Geisha Teahouse (Ochaya) Opening → TELEPORT ← Saturday: 2 PM SLT - Geisha Pavilion Show → TELEPORT ← 6 PM SLT - Shinto Class (location varies) → TELEPORT ← Sunday: 4 Am SLT Sunday - Repeat of Shinto Class (location varies) → TELEPORT ← ╚═══════════════════════════════❀═✿═❀ N O T E S : Please note that the sim is moderate. Geisha are not sex workers, they are artists. We are currently trying to restart our Samurai Dojo and Yakuza groups. If you are interested, Please contact Xuemei Yiyuan. Enquiries about Geisha School may be directed towards okasan Yoneyu (Sorasu Romano) and musume Hiroko Yokosuka.
  5. Please come visit Little Yoshiwara! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milarepa/130/114/44
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