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  1. Ohhhh Eva, i love you. Thanks you so much. I forgot this completely. I hope that's the solution ...i try it out NOW...smile ___________________ 2min later: I'm such a beginner ..... 🙂 THANKS I did not even get the idea. I can not believe it, because I was about to change everything on Catwa and Maitreya. I know that was an absolute rookie mistake but I did not get it. THANK YOU
  2. Hi Ariel, if i click the hair it changes place with the head. So i wear hair OR head. If i want to "wear" the hair at other place it looks crazy. I checked now hairs from argrace, tameless and truth and all are changing place with the head. I'm already looking for explanations that describe the names of the hair, no chance (rigged, non-rigged and so on)
  3. Hi at all, i am back after years in SL. I use TMP mesh. I realize that I can not wear any hair, no matter which manufacturer I buy. Can somebody help me with it? greets, Levi
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