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  1. Onnupup male free sluv bento fitmesg full mesh avatar. also has bom now.
  2. Because voice verification not provided when you sign up sl wants to people to be protected know one should have to get out everything to the world. Their is really no voice verification If people want to voice that is up to them many put the voice verification its been a thing for years maybe share that with someone that likes to voice but does mean verification. Get them emotional invested first should not be forced but you can ask kindly can we talk on voice if they don't move on. Voice should be done in mannerly way getting in the mind. Some like to voice some like to you emote whatever the case you just have to find people that into things but it should be point fingers just because you do not voice. I just put (Voice Selective) end of story. I have no problem voicing but does mean I have to voice with every tom dick and harry if the connection is great then yes voice can enter but in mannerly way. You can not force a connection ether in friendship you find the right people in the right vibration. I been to places where voice is welcome know is allowed to judge or ask or real info just for talking and hanging out I truly don't care what people are on the other end as long you be yourself. I feel trust comes becomes more that shared in private yes some things upfront but you do not have to do anything that going to cross the line. I was in relationship with someone that lasted three years he did demand I voice this when I was new but know I know not to fall for it but I do remember back then when I use to be a host the required you had to voice before you could host good they do not do this any more because just typing any ways greeting people. I don't fall for the trick you must voice or we can not talk any further people that are new or coming back have to be really careful really you should not. What you share up to you but best to keep it very little so on. Its your sl your life what you want to be. I understand their fine line SL is a getaway if you build a connection Advice up to you. You do not have to voice just learn to say no You do not have to take any random friendship a friendship should be built not a instant onehow ever you like be selective. Someone ask they want to take picture try pose balls they will pay you just say no its a trick. ( Thought I ad this some fool in sl does this new people I really do not like to see people getting hurt. ) You do not have to take anything from anyone you do not know. If someone ask you to go to their home right away decline someone should meet you in a public place in sl get to know you in mannerly way should not be your home or theirs or some location you go to as when you want to breathe get air. You do not have to take a teleport from some random person. If person can not respect you then mute them and leave. Just because it says flowers or candy when someone random person sends something to you decline it. Some people could give you a collar they could change the title to flowers or candy once you add or wear they could have control over you so please be careful do not take anything may sound good to be true but its not. You can be kind say thanks but no thanks send them on their way. But then again people say whatever the voice thing, You not mesh does , No drama thing is we are all people behind these avatar it what really in the personality and the this so can interact but you gotta get to know someone first judging does not fix anything you never know what someone going through. Does matter if you voice or have a mesh avatar if they can like you for you tell them good bye once again. What your avatar looks like is up someone try to foirce you to change then they are not the right people if you wanna go mesh then needs to be something you want. When sharing some real like details keep it less to the mystery You can put the time zone the biggest major city none of their business until they get the gate of trust. If you wanna share gender or partnership just be who you are do the emoji symbols make them learn go look up leave to the imagination. ♂ ♀ ⚤ ⚦ ⚨ ⚩ ⚧ ⚭ MARRIAGE SYMBOL ⚮ DIVORCE SYMBOL ⚯ UNMARRIED PARTNERSHIP SYMBOL But you do not have to use symbols but if your tired of people asking way with out saying to much.
  3. I was able to log in upstairs computer sl would really need to think about this not every one wants window's 10 I know but we all come on here.
  4. I use windows 7 I am premium member but I use computer 2009 been updated but many do not want to use window's 10. But is sad because some may walk I don't want to say this. But my friend said he have to rebuild me computer he does want me to put on the main computer I use I really feel that second life should look at that the sake of the customers.
  5. ◆If your find a connection and it sparks do you go further or no? Yes sl not dating site but if you build a connection and you both have a spark.◆
  6. ♡ Relationship start with yourself first mastering yourself your passion your authenticity knowing your enough and loved that when its the right time you don't think it but you manifest this and it hits you straight from the heart. ♡ ♡ To grow a connection build in to friendship with trust and exchanging energy maybe more but does not mean a instant relashionship with anyone. But don't seek or look or chase if you find a great connection that sparks your soul that is unexpected then let it flow. Not single, not taken,on reserve,one who deserves my♥ it truly takes someone special to wake it up. You can’t force a connection.We meet the right people at the right time under the right circumstance through natural vibration. Love comes comes unexpected when you least expect it but allow it to flow. Its not a dating data base yes their is love all around second life is a getaway filled with romance. Don't play the desperate begging for love its simple creepy can scare people away don't jump in to something right away you can get hurt let love grow over time. Being demisexual has to have strong emotional connection and feeling build in a connection. ♡ ♡ keep looking not for a person but for your passion, Your Love, Your Courage, Your goals, your Dreams., your happiness, yourself. keep looking. Explore your worth before you explore another. know your worth. Know yourself only then will you know what you need over what you want. You need yourself to become your own.♡ ♡ Just play first.Dance,sing,read to each other,breathe together-communicate. Don't count on sex to be the door to intimacy. It's the other way around: First develop intimacy skills. Then make love to enjoy them. " ♡ ♡ The best kind of love loves is unexpected you don't seek or beg or look you let go of fear when you have a soul connection that sparks your soul and theirs the soul flame. These song go well with it savage garden I know loved you & Truly madly Deeply. You can read them in the eyes in the soul you see the beauty of the aura from the outside talking to them for hours like you know them in another life time. ♡ P.S. ♡ May not be for all your freewill its your second life your choice what you choose but good to think before you leap and have leap of faith to test the waters. ♡
  7. If you forgot Info you will need to personally make a ticket show them copy of your id or old address when you made this account so they can help you.
  8. They are cracking down the red light adult places that spam their are guidelines. But the classy laid back places should be free to post if I may say. No a fence to some adult places everyone free will but we need class to. The really old lars back in the day they may had gogo dancers keep clothes on couples and singles could go and they had live djs we all have good time it was good clean fun nothing crossed the line. We love are jazz and tango and blues with rock and house music but at times we want to go to place might have erotica art with class semi to leave to the imagination time and place for everything. With out being lured to some cam sim we want the class back. Yes we all want more laid back classy to casual sometimes erotica with class with out crossing the line. But know ones wants to be lured to cam sim we want class we can use your mind and carry it and leave to the imagination. Everyone got their likes with freewill but we need classy casual adult places also. Conversation with romance and dancing in good vibes atmosphere. Not all of us are here for bam thank you mam we like to get in the mind allow it to linger make a connection see where it goes. So if its a classy to casual places read the fine print put under destinations I know Sl is working on things they trying to fix things but we have to speak up. This might be point also their to many fashion events in sl their use to be like 5 or 6 every month and music and art venues to keep a float and host and djs not getting enough tips. The tips Dj , Host , Artist make save to post a event some owners of the venue will give them a share it depends. Not everyone uses real life sources they may not have they use the talent they have deep inside in world. I am just a resistant low key but I see and feel everything I am empathic but I know everyone needs to be heard.
  9. So when the Franks jazz Closed with Bogart's I looked up the name of the place that someone sent me land mark it was called Frecks Ballroom. But seem four other places also but different mix ups of knock off. Weird but its just getting weird. Other places doing the same.🤯 FRANKS FALLS BALLROOM* Sinatra Club and Environs This the place your talking about * The Frank S Jazz Club * FRECK'S BALLROOM this one the one they tp everyone but not the same name but still bit odd.
  10. Yes Franks jazz was free and Bogarts yes been going to franks for 8 years since I was new on different avatar. Things made by Nanceee was under *SINATRA* brand But using the name SINATRA this other place seems still be copying.
  11. Well a lot of merchandise at franks was called Sinatra I bought painting from franks that Nanceee made she uses it for her art work also the stuff that was sold and as group gift also was for franks. Them using Sinatra is still Nanceee trademark for art work and merchandise she had.
  12. Back then you use to have to pay 10L for some portals to some places.
  13. The day franks was was closing someone was giving people landmarks to place that was knockoff place it was bit odd. Franks Elite is still around they do have free day's check the events page . iIf you know any ballrooms you can get listed in the destinations good to read the fine print first.. This new place trying to be franks they would need to make their own name not copy best to come up with your own thing its against tos as copy rights. Other franks closed do to the owner meet someone few years ago got married on sl and are to be married in real they want to settle down a friend of the owner now the owner of franks elite. I did take pictures of franks jazz and bogarts before and after it closed. Franks had some good memory's and moments lets not forget them.
  14. Old souls, forgotten languages , Empathic , Gothic, Victorian , Romantic, Incarnated yes we come out the shadow's break out the shell when its time. We are not anti social just selective social but we are kind.
  15. Yes was wrote few months back but what her happiness is hers who ever she share it with it seems she is enjoy her life being happy not looking she it will happen ar the right moment. 2020 around the corner lots of changes in the energy and new beginnings.
  16. Boudoir , Erotica Art , Fantasy art , Role play art so on. Write down your passion of art manifest your art meditate on it. Find people in the arts that share the same as your interest. Instagram you can share also avatar art their many do also with titles. If things change Head of Household and Daddy Doms also lead and protect and guide and lift but comes with balance.
  17. Second life yes is a way to connect but if you grow a interest see how it goes. But its your second life what you make it. Gotta have balance in life.
  18. Welcome to second life. Its your second life your life not to harp but thought I write this. Second life is way to connect yes. You don't have to give out everything once you hit the platform. Best to first start sharing very little detail in some things what you looking for. But if you want to grow interest for connection good to put good introduction with more words you wants needs desires talk about the positive leaver out of the negative. Yes we all are real behind these avatar's even if we are in second life we have feelings and energy. Fine to show a little you can put in your real life category in world in profile or here. But if your going to go all out share picture try a picture of your avatar with first life you can glare the photo of the first life one out a bit with Photoshop let them read your profile grow a interest then when things fall in place then exchange some things. If you share to much you might get the wrong kind bothering you yes people get excited but take some time their know rush in life. Not everyone shows their first life some but person express them self's with their avatar and personality. Trust is a big thing only allow those that earn that trust everything is exchanged both ways.
  19. Also second life made few episodes people meet in second life meet real truth to be told. Love made in sl.
  20. ☑️Yes I did back in Sept 2014 Lasted 3 in half years Til 2016 we live and learn and grow but still remain friends. Second life is way to connect a getaway if you find a connection its rare but you can find it will hit you right in the heart. Meet at a dating agency both single in sl and real when we meet We allow the conversation to grow back and forth until the connection grow more then dated for 6 months exchanged pictures and cam and voice in a mature manner. Traveling back and forth in the 3 years. Its good to meet a few times take it slow in real just as you did online its truly takes a year to get to know someone you need to know the feeling are going to be the same how this person going to treat you respect back and forth 2 way street. Yes you can find love in its your second life just as if you watch the old video's of second life of the old commercials loves was one thing in the connection. What is dancing for and romantic places for and making a home getting married that is love ether if you stay in sl or go real that is your choice. If you are looking for long term take your time you can write a about you in your picks you can't force or beg for it won't happen that way it will come when you least expect it enjoy your life keep exploring in romance it will hit you trust me. Just be open and honest you don't have to go in detail of your whole life you don't need to put your major city put the biggest city and timezone. You can put a first life picture if you feel of privacy glare it out with filter at least show a smile or something. Good nice pictures head shot of your avatar and few places you have explored good detailed profile some poetry your fav place to go at the end of the say you wants needs desires. Only share the rest when the trust is their.
  21. Dance does not mean a date a conversation does mean relationship some people are just looking for friends not every one here looking for the same. You don't have to share everything ether. Be what ever you want just when comes to meeting just be upfront yes every one has a story we are in this magic together. Second life not a dating data base but if you find a connection so be it. If you keep it sl then keep that way if you go real still know one should be forced. What ever you agree on you don't have to like it you can walk away. If your only sl not mixing with real then keep it sl. But if you put sl mixed with real fine to put some things out their but be truthful when the connection gets deeper. 100% True People wanna see the natural you the upfront you if you lie it breaks trust the person walks away. This why best to be yourself stop pretending to be someone your not. If your going real why you voice and cam first. Sorry but typing great at first but gets boring people wanna here a voice as heart beat a good connection. It can take a year to get to know someone you gotta meet a few times let it build. .You can’t force a connection.We meet the right people at the right time under the right circumstances through natural vibrations.• taking pride in appearance mind body and soul is a plus both ways don't gotta be a 10 its how you carry yourself. Everyone has free will I don't care if man plays a women or women plays a man don't gotta voice you are you. Morphing is fine also. But some things should be upfront and trustful. But I was tricked once the person used a different voice when it got close to meeting in real was a women on other side I did not get mad just disappointed and walked away. know one likes to be cat fished. This not to point fingers not everyone is like this. People just wanna come to second life as getaway not tricked with voice verified just if you click then voice both ways in private if your not in to it then just go your separate way. This just advice its not for everyone your life whatever you agree to your freewill.
  22. Its truly for everyone they do have helpers from all country's they may have to work something out. We all are in different time zones know matter the state or country I am few hour different central time. I know you don't wanna have to change your sleep or trying to get day work at home. They want to hear this kind of feed back yes they need a night time shift for the houses to those that work all day those in other country's.
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