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  1. About the whole people should look like and age. [Moderator Edit: Image with Profanity Removed]
  2. But keeping a friend liking them for them not looks but whats inside good personality ride or die kind of thing.
  3. Try hanging out at gym sims and beach sims on sl you will find plenty of muscle men they are friendly you build a connection see where it goes. Spring break is almost here.
  4. Your happiness your SL get to know someone see where it goes allow it to grow and more. Hope you find what you looking for. have a lovely sl. Looks like you have some offers but if things change try a dating place or adoption dating in world.
  5. I showed this thread to my good friend of mine he is a Nice caring mature Daddy Dom he says he interested pass that along he likes unicorns. He get to know you nothing crosses the line take it slow.
  6. First magical unicorn I have seen. Cute Adult babygirl unicorn unique rare. If you looking for friend you can add me in world up to you same as this name. I don't get mad if your not online real life comes first sl is a getaway still stay in touch we all have to be bit kinder in these times. Sorry how you where treated before you seem sweet very honest down to earth. Unicorns are magical creatures with a lot of love all they want in this world is happiness all around with magic.
  7. ♡ Maples Dapperkin Stepford Draper Canfield Burgess Grayson Wassa Davenport ♡ Some people may want name goes with them or have fairy tale life they want. Couple partner want the same last name or friends want to be twins. Or a role play name.
  8. Goddess Garden party outfit. Can be found at the Home and Garden Expo. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hope 1/241/173/23
  9. I have bought art with the frames in sl for home make sure signature and watermark for protecting art. People need art to match things.
  10. Well many places today are mixed you make sl what you want it to be. 1950s & 1960s America in Time Portal Southern Charm * Mayfield, 1950s California Role Play Rockabilly Ridge Estates Moonshadow Motors & Sci-Fi Bowling Alley Ravenglass Bay City
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