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  1. You didn't come off as "nice" at all, nor are you now. My point stills stands... I was asking for suggestions on modeling agencies to employ, not critique or reasons why I shouldn't be. I'm not here to start forums to discuss the pros and cons of SL role-play, companies, schools or anything else. I was asking a question. If you don't have an agency to recommend, MOVE ON.
  2. I've been searching around for a nice high quality mesh platter of sandwiches to place inside of a display case in a cafe, similar to the photos of ones attached below. It would be awesome if it also offered a sandwich to eat when you touched it. Fewer prims the better of course. Does anyone know of anything like this, or anyone able/willing to make one? I am definitely willing to pay.
  3. Hi Jude, thanks so much for the response! I will definitely contact you in-world ASAP.
  4. There are still a few; I found them. And let me ask you, what makes a modeling agency/school necessarily a ripoff? It's Second Life. Regardless of what it might be to you personally, it's still a *game* deeply rooted in *role play*. If someone wants to role play attending a modeling school or running a modeling school, isn't that their prerogative? I've participated in elementary schools at a kid avi, I've attended colleges as an adult avi. I've paid for them with L$/real money. Didn't learn a thing, so perhaps you might call those schools a ripoff too. But I had a great time doing it and so it was completely worth the L$ I paid. And your last comment came off a little harsh. I was being sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek, saying that I was "hoping to avoid the recruitment and selection process myself". So sorry if it wasn't read that way... Point was, I was looking for models and wished to go through an agency who would help find the right model for the job using their existing list of people. I've never sought a model before, so I really have no clue what to look for and ask for. And of course they would be paid, not me. Seems pretty obvious to me that if you work with an agency to find talent, the agency/talent is paid! I'm pretty new to these forums, but I am NOT new to Second Life. But I'll share something I've noticed quite a bit in a lot of these forum postings. It seems fairly common for certain people to respond to someone's post with a critical, judgmental response that's simply unhelpful, unnecessary and uncalled for, especially if the original post is submitted by a "newbie" to the forums. There also seems to be a specific few people that are quite active in the forums and participate this is behavior a lot, almost as if they see themselves as a voluntary moderator. As a "newbie" to the forums, I'd just like to say that this sort of thing SUCKS. If you don't have something useful to say, DON'T RESPOND. We don't need you critiquing our posts, questioning our motives or interest, and making it uncomfortable for us to use the forums. *mic drop*
  5. I've only found one or two in-world, and maybe that's all there really is these days... But thought I'd ask here just in case someone can point me in the right direction. Anyone know of groups or places that offer models for short projects and photo shoots? I'd like to find an agency that already have experienced people on "payroll"; hoping to avoid the recruitment and selection process myself and just use an agency to bring the talent to me! 😁
  6. I say if you're advertising job openings, regardless of the type of position, it's perfectly reasonable to ask people to apply. In RL, you don't get a job interview/the opportunity to meet and discuss the job, see the location, etc, until AFTER you show interest by submitting an application. Siera, I think you're doing exactly what I would do. And I would be interested myself, although I'm not quite sure I have the time to devote at the moment! Perhaps in the future. But lots of luck to you!!
  7. Our up-and-coming media company is seeking a friendly and enthusiastic Art Gallery Attendant for the Visual Fantasy Media Gallery located inside our company headquarters in downtown Coastal Heights. RESPONSIBILITIES: Staffing the gallery during weekly events. Greeting visitors as they arrive, offering refreshment and engaging interaction during their visit. Answer visitor questions and provide information about the artwork and exhibits displayed in the gallery, utilizing NC’s provided by the artist explaining why the piece was created, the artist’s thoughts and emotions, and what they were trying to communicate to the viewer. Educate visitors about the artist, about Visual Fantasy Media and the array of services provided. Assist executive staff with gallery event planning, marketing, and other administrative tasks as necessary. Record any specific comments, questions and suggestions from visitors. Thank visitors for coming and invite them to return to enjoy future exhibits. QUALIFICATIONS: Professional, courteous demeanor and appearance. The attendant is expected to dress appropriately in business attire while on the job. Outgoing and friendly personality, with strong interpersonal communication and customer service skills. An excellent verbal communicator with the ability to talk to a wide range of people without getting flustered or intimidated. Willingness to voice chat with visitors who prefer that method of communicating. Reliable, dedicated and enthusiastic person, with an interest in art and media. Reliable access to Second Life on a computer, not a mobile device. The position will involve a 4-hour per week commitment, with the requirement of being present for one scheduled gallery event each week on Saturday. Compensation is L$1000 per hour. To apply, please stop by Davies Tower (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sapphire%20Skies/186/237/17) and pick up an application. Candidates can also apply online by visiting https://forms.gle/zAxDdMQZtSXbfG9k8. Questions can be directed to Anastasia Z. Trinity (Pandoriamoonshadow) either by IM or NC, or via email at anastasia-at-visualfantasymedia-dot-com.
  8. Yay for super awkward people that are no good at starting conversations! πŸ˜‚ I am too.... I also keep myself busy too, I do wish I had someone to chat with and share activities with sometimes. I'll be in world later today, maybe we could chat then?
  9. Hi! I understand your situation. I'm not new, but still have trouble making friends. It is hard to get up the courage to message people when so often it leads to nothing but silence. Feel free to reach out to me though, I won't ignore you. I'll be in world later today.
  10. Aww, thanks guys, I appreciate that. πŸ˜„
  11. For quite awhile now I've been hoping to find a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner, whatever you want to call it--wait, hold up before you tell me this belongs in another forum--who is also simply looking for real friendship and the opportunity to be involved in family RP with another adult character without romantic strings or expectations. If at some point sometime in the future we realize there's a deeper emotional connection, great, and if not, great. But its absolutely not what I'm looking for to begin with. I've tried SL dating, and its mostly like having your brain and/or heart gouged out with a spoon. I've met a few people- one seemed really great until he ghosted, most just seem to be more interested in rubbing our pixel uglies together than actually building a friendship and RP. I'm pretty far from being an outgoing person, so I'm not all that great to walking up to strangers and launching into witty conversation. A few years ago, I had a "girlfriend" and this is exactly the type of relationship we had- we became great friends who enjoyed spending time together and doing the SL family thing. It was perfect platonic pre-matrimonial bliss. Unfortunately, RL stole us both away. We're still in touch, but she's no longer in SL. So, is there anyone else reading this forum that's interested in the same thing? That looks at the cute family photos of the two parents and their 2.5 kids and thinks, "Aww, I want that too..."? That's not looking to be propositioned after spending 3 minutes talking to some guy/girl who says they're "different than the rest and looking for something real"? That, dangit, just wants to have some fun and grow their little non-existent SL family into something that gives reason and makes it exciting to come in world each day?? 😏 If so, send me a message. I'd love to get together and share our delightfully cynical stories and hopes for a better and brighter future full of friendship and family fun! 😁
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