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  1. I'm looking for either the sounds themselves or a script specifically for a fridge. I've got a commercial fridge I love, but the sounds grate on my nerves. They are horrible. So far all I've found to replace it with is sounds designed for sliding doors or regular building doors. Does anyone know of some sounds suitable for a refrigerator door? Thanks!!
  2. Yeah, you're right, it's best to just sit back and ignore the dicks that hide behind their computer screens and don't seem to give two *****s about the thoughts and feelings of others. No need to call them out on that behavior, although it's often that behavior that more and more often these days drives people to extremes--those depressed souls that don't find acceptance in the real world, find the same judgement and bullying online that further pushes them into a state of hopelessness, and eventually they end it by taking their life or the lives of others. I've seen it happen twice in two months in my area of the world- two 13 year old girls dead because of online bullying. But I guess that's their fault, they must have been too sensitive- little snowflakes that couldn't handle it. Right? But sure, it's more fun to poke and prod at those who are depressed, perhaps seem a little different, those that don't fit in with the rest of us. Who cares of the consequences though, since we're all just online hiding in a virtual world where nothing really matters. Perhaps if the "Appropriateness Police" was more of a thing in online forums as well as RL, perhaps things in this f-ed up world might be a little more kind, helpful and accepting. But I'm not going to stop calling out bull***** when I see it...
  3. Wow, another illustration of how some of the people on these forums really need to stop and ask themselves "Is this response really warranted and/nor necessary? Am I saying something useful and kind, or just saying something to further inflame a situation?" You haven't been asked to psychoanalyze the guy... Stop posting judgmental pointless posts that would do nothing more than hurt others. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. (PS- Best responses made by @rasterscan and @Vanoralynna...) So now that I've broken my own rule and said something to further inflame a situation.... @JoeJin, I get it, I really do. Been there myself. I hate to say it, but it's really hard to find a true soulmate through Second Life (SL), just from my own observations. Its hard enough in real life (RL), but here, you're also competing with the fact that we are all people behind a screen and what you learn about a person isn't necessarily the same as what you might learn if you met the person for real. I've tried dating in SL, and I've found it to be way harder than dating in RL. So while I don't want to completely discourage you, I do want to share that so hopefully you keep an open mind about it. My best advice is the same as some of the others- you've got to get out there and find stuff that interests you and meet people that way. Get involved with some groups that are dedicated to helping out new SL users, like The Shelters as @rasterscan suggested. Get involved in some roleplay communities and participate in some of their events. But be patient and give it time. If you're too pushy or seem too desperate and start messaging everyone you come across in-world, you'll get blocked more often than not. Go about it the same way you would in real life, and eventually you will make friends. Perhaps then, you might find that solemate. 💕 Good luck 😊
  4. I have been searching for some good, high-quality mesh items for a pharmacy, and I'm coming up with nothing. Can anyone help? I would be willing to pay a mesh creator for make a few items. More than anything, I would like some low-impact medication display shelves.
  5. Ahh, gotcha. It is unfortunately quite true. Even within a single denomination, you have schisms and groups that break off and form their own churches. About to happen right now with the Methodist Church between two opposing sides that argue vehemently to their opinions and positions regarding one specific issue. I'm a Baptist, and they are fairly well known for their ability to argue with others and break free. My own pastor likes to make jokes that fried chicken on Sundays is just about the only thing you'll get all (Southern) Baptists to agree on.
  6. ...not sure what exactly you mean by this. Not all Christians have a desire to open churches on every corner.
  7. Your response has made me think that maybe what I'm looking for isn't as "weird" or impossible as I had imagined. I've been hoping to eventually find someone who wants to RP the whole family/marriage/kids thing but without an expectation or desire for RL romance and love. I'm not looking for a sexual relationship or ownership, or even full time companionship. I just want to find someone who would be a good friend but nothing more, someone who enjoys family RP too and wants to build onto their family unit. But it seems like what you generally find is the opposite- generally with men, a highly sexual relationship and desire for voice, cam and the whole thing going a little more into RL than I'd be comfortable with. I think women are often looking for RL romance and someone to stick with them and make them feel special, loved and wanted. I get it.... that's what I want in RL! But in SL, I want to have fun. I don't want drama. Its hard to find people that are looking for the same things as yourself, especially if they are not completely open with themselves and others on exactly what that is.
  8. Did you mean January, or have I completely lost track of time?
  9. Hi Jaide! I would be very interested in talking to you! I am also a Christian, and while I've been blessed to have found a couple other Christians in world with whom I am friends, I agree that it's hard to meet like-minded Christians who are open to friendship. Feel free to message me in world and lets chat. Or, send me a IM through here. Look forward to talking to you!
  10. Just figured I'd reply and keep this one going... HAHAHAHAHA! The post that won't die....
  11. Hi Paige! I'll send you a message next time I'm in world
  12. Well since you opened this can of worms.... lol In my opinion, it is a game. I know there are plenty of people that will adamantly disagree and argue this point, but that's my opinion. SL is not real, although there are aspects that are, such as friendships that develop. But the way I see it, SL is high tech make believe. Its an escape from the real world that allows you to do basically whatever you want within the safe confines of a virtual environment. I don't think its necessary to have storylines, quests, lives or objectives for a game to be considered a game. But the cool thing about SL--it's truly whatever each resident wishes it to be. So no need to attack me people. And as far as the sexual content, can't really say whether I've noticed more or less than in the past. I'd say it's probably amount the same volume, its just getting more realistic. I don't surround myself with it on a regular basis so when I do discover something new, it's still a shock to me! Its only a matter of time until someone smart figures out a way to link some SL device to some RL device so you can enjoy your SL sex life more completely in RL.
  13. It was so nice to chat with both of you, @SandraWillow and @EleanorsRigby! If anyone else is interested, please feel free to message me in world! And if you don't know a thing about BeYou, I'd be happy to give you the run-down and get you hooked on it too! 😉 And if you're not into BeYou but looking for a fellow introvert friend, that works too.
  14. Any other BeYou users out there looking for family? Or perhaps, a BeYou user that might be interested in being my roomie/friend and having someone else around to help keep up that annoying social stat? I tend to be a social wallflower. I’m really the worst at making new friends, but lately I’ve been thinking more and more that I need to. I miss having people in world to talk to and do things with. I spend all my time alone building and working on my stats, and as an introvert, sometimes that’s EXACTLY what I want. But there’s still times that I wish someone was around to interact with. I’m not really looking for a child to raise at this point—I’m afraid I just don’t have the time to really commit to that level of a relationship. But I think it would be awesome to have a sister or brother, a mom or a dad, cousins, or whatever…. Or even just a friend. A roommate. Major bonus points if you’re into BeYou too and looking to grow your “family” or get involved with farming, crafts, professions, etc… Let’s support each other and have fun together! Whatcha think?
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