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  1. thanks for the suggestion.. I tried that but any other viewer different from firestorm is pointless for me since what I suffer is poor perfomance for sl combat in my eyes.. and i installed caznip but i can't even mark people on the minimap..
  2. Hi. my specs are gtx 1070 i7 7700 16gb ram and i play on a smooth ssd. I use firestorm and i never had issues in the past. One year ago( always with the same specs) i noticed that right after a nvidia drivers update my perfomance was degraded like it felt somehow laggy and i was achieving less fps than normal, i reverted to previous graphic card drivers and it was all smooth again. now i stopped playing for like several months and i kind of got not used anymore to playing combat on sl but when i got back on fresh windows installation (with updated drivers , all of them) and fresh viewer inst
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