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  1. this is actually some good information. -- thank you for responding to this! ❤️
  2. i will say as someone who has played music and had fun DJing on SL: there are so many youtube to mp3 converters out there that are first to come up on searches even in google. so, i don't really think they would care since pretty much everyone probably has downloaded a song or two without paying. that's just my take away on it since pretty much everyone does it.
  3. spotify jazzhop playlist -- one of the most listened to things for my ears! enjoy.
  4. getting the vaccine was refreshing and hopefully a start to our society going back to normal. sore arm and all = worth it!
  5. i will say i knew of someone in the furry/sandbox/slmc community on SL that happened to fake their death numerous times. i will not go into details naming the person since i do not want to bring up drama or start beef.--long story short, this person that recently faked their death less than 6 months ago, basically removing themselves from the communit(ies) mentioned. they left behind their account as a "bot" for security in the sandbox sim they helped run, meanwhile while that sandbox community held an inworld funeral for them with the patrons that came by and the close friends of this specifi
  6. so a club i have been going to for ages called "Club Furzona" -- they recently had an event and made a youtube video dedicated to the event. i've been watching it on repeat. sensation white aftermath video 2021 - club furzona
  7. seeing people reminisce on the old times in second life is very nice to see. considering i have only been on second life for three years, it's interesting to see some of the old, old history of this virtual world.
  8. since it's late at night for me, this is a great livestream i tune into when i wanna get some work done and chill out.
  9. what's wrong with a google cookie? most sites use them.
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