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  1. since it's late at night for me, this is a great livestream i tune into when i wanna get some work done and chill out.
  2. what's wrong with a google cookie? most sites use them.
  3. my two cents on this entire rebranding and new homepage of second life: as much as i love second life and the "old school" vibes that have taken the marketing of the ways second life does things, by storms for years on end. maybe it's time for an update? with the updates to the homepage: if they communicated with the community more and actually took pictures from the second life community, using that to re-brand and make second life more appealing to the newer generations; then i would think people would not have an issue with it as much as they do. taking this screenshot that
  4. A FEW RECENT LOOKS: There are more on my FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/169123738@N03/
  5. question, is there a place in Firestorm to back up the settings onto my PC? if so, where? i have looked for ages, and i cannot find it. let me know. thanks.
  6. Quick Photoshoot Commission for a profile picture featuring my friend Lenneth
  7. At most clubs I attend, I will say I totally agree with this. I have found a good selection of a few clubs that I know focus on just the music and the atmosphere such as: Furzona. Furzona is basically a furry-based club, but everyone is welcome! It is under the destinations guide for clubs. Go check it out and I am sure you will love it.
  8. you seem like a nice person, i love exploring the main land when there is nothing else to do. i'd be surely down to hang out.
  9. ohey thanks fam. i really appreciate it!
  10. i can see what you are saying. if the lindens and certain creators from SL come together to do this as a trial event, i could see it being a thing.
  11. i can see the idea of a "quest" like paleoquest that was released ages ago for SL users to complete tasks once a week to recieve a total of 50L/week. (also it is still around!) if a little project was worked on like this by LL again, that could be cool! with the idea of daily login rewards: i do not see that being a thing. considering everything by SL creators inside the community, this would break the cycle of that if there were items that were made as daily login rewards by SL...
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