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  1. There is usually an official blog post. Sometimes there are major events that post schedules, too. I always thought she had a lovely voice, personally. She also seems like she really works hard hosting talks like this and other things around SL.
  2. Sometimes it's better to take very, very specific tax questions to a professional rather than a forum like this.
  3. It isn't a mistake. When you own a certain amount of land directly (the way I remember it, it is a full private sim or more than half a mainland sim) you have concierge status. I'll update if it turns out I am mistaken on the amount of mainland owned. Edit: Well, I wasn't completely wrong but my terminology was a bit fuzzy. Here's a link to the actual information:
  4. Hi, A friend pointed this thread out to me. I can think of at least two creators/creative teams that sell modern products that do this. I'm not sure about the forum's rules on recommending specific products, but if you search marketplace for dance sequence or performance you'll start to see some of them. There's a whole community of sorts (or maybe it's better to describe it as a group of communities?) that does dance performances and they use these tools pretty heavily. There are also YouTube tutorials and I've seen classes for some of these tools once or twice a week.
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