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  1. Hello, Im a bit of a noob to SL but im wanting to get into Gynoid RP but im a bit unsure where to start. Im looking for some advice on the best places to go (RP sims and such) that cater to this kind of thing and also shops that sell Gynoid (and cyber/robot stuff) so i can create my avatar Im thinking of making a hookerbot type of avatar (I saw on the nanite systems website they had a virtual courtesan/companion thing but didnt really understand if that was an avatar they were selling or a skin or something...) PS: Also if anyone is familiar with the nanite systems (and the other main ones) gynoid/android HUD things (i think its like a control pack & battery or something...) and could explain them that would be great, iv tried reading the description on the shop in the MP on how to use them but they seem really complicated. If someone could simplify it for me and let me know thats the deal with them id be very grateful.
  2. Thank you LittleMe Jewell. Clearing my cash & cookies seems to have done the trick. I can now access the forums as normal. Not sure why that happened in the first place but it’s sorted now so I guess it was just a glitch or something.
  3. Hello I’m new to SL and wanted to use the forums but when I try to access it from my laptop it says “I don’t have permission to view the site” and it won’t let me access the forum at all. I can access it on my iPhone (like I am now) but this is frustrating as I’d like to use it on my laptop aswell. Any help much appreciated.
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