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  1. Celebrating an interview going well 👍
  2. With the sims wrapping along the mainland I feel it'd cause issues for aircraft though. Unless someone buys out land and puts a great fat airport at the mouth of the current connection, it'd be much better to have a line of sims going straight down into subak so the larger aircraft don't have to deal with the problems that come with flying over homes and can cut straight down into Jadu and deeper into the gulf instead. And even if someone does put an airport at the current mouth to the seabridge it wouldn't be very connected to the rest of the mainland what with the lack of roads. And it isn't as if it'd really deter anyone who wants to cause trouble, they just rez in their trouble-train in some port at the mouth of the seabridge rather than in the gulf itself and sail/fly out from there. I just think it'd be much more convenient for both sailors and pilots if we had a line going straight down into Subak instead.
  3. That route would be less preferable for aircraft, and also would be more tedious for sailors I feel, having to sail around instead of straight and having to deal with prim-heavy coastal homes. Imagine flying that route and hitting some homes boundary they set, much fun that'd be
  4. ^ would love a line down into the Jeogeot Gulf, preferably even a two-sim wide one♥ I'm sure the owners there would accomodate, and it'd fit better for travelers going in and out of the Jeogeot mainland. More harbors and large airfields in the gulf than where it connects right now
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