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  1. I think that with the re-emergence of a solid community feel seeming to hit SL again, I have high hopes of things like this becoming the Norm again. I miss watching the Sim Board events, the snail races, the Metaverse TV News, etc. It was nice to just have some friends over and watch it together. I mean, sure, we can all rabbit a show, but I think it's nicer to watch in world. Feels... closer?
  2. Ok. Listen. Anti-Banline people. PLEASE! Let us keep this civil. I know both sides have said things that were too much, but frankly, I can only speak to my group.Having said that. I think if a set of sims were off away from the rest that were considered "Secured" sims, then that way when you apply for your Linden home, you can select "Traditional" or "Traditional Secured." Or "Houseboat." Or "Houseboat Secured." And the secured ones are all clumped together to be together, so that both sides ultimately could get what they want. Especially if these are not on the main paths of travel.
  3. Ok. Listen. Anti-Banline people. PLEASE! Let us keep this civil. I know both sides have said things that were too much, but frankly, I can only speak to my group. Having said that. I think if a set of sims were off away from the rest that were considered "Secured" sims, then that way when you apply for your Linden home, you can select "Traditional" or "Traditional Secured." Or "Houseboat." Or "Houseboat Secured." And the secured ones are all clumped together to be together, so that both sides ultimately could get what they want. Especially if these are not on the main paths of travel.
  4. I make some scripts if you like, hit me up one day I'll toss them to you. I use some in a CHI ceiling fan and it's awesome!
  5. I would agree. Part of this is the necessity of teaching travelers a standard code of operation. That's all part of the "working together" aspect. I've never been /for/ people's privacy being taken completely. I am just FOR people working together for the betterment of the community. Travelers and homeowners alike. It's a WE thing. Not an Us VS. Them thing. Ya know?
  6. I already stated my source. ("I've read all the comments on this, and other threads.") Also, it's an observation, not a scientific study. Besides, you didn't share a source, nor did you address it when you were asked, even to admit you have none as I have. My source is entirely observation. Fact is, this is what's been done. Don't like it? Don't get one of the homes. That's absolutely your choice. You can get one of the older homes, even. Ultimately, this is the choice made by the company who DOES have the sources. They DO have the records of people. And, I mean, this entire thread minus you is for this change, and the new homes are going FAST, so... I mean... I don't see the droves of premium users who demand ban lines or 0 second orbs. *shrugs* Either way, I'm glad it's gone this way and frankly hope the rest of mainland does, too. Might even revive it. Because, mainland was dead with just ban lines and ad farms every where until things started being done to let it be functional again. Ban lines and 0 second security orbs all but kill travel. Travel is the life blood of the mainland.
  7. You know. I've read all the comments on this, and other threads. Interesting thing here: Almost all of them are anti-ban line and anti- 0 second orbs. honestly, it's YOU who are the minority. /MOST/ Mainland users dislike ban lines and 0 second orbs.
  8. I agree. That could be efficient for those with full sims and rentals, too.
  9. Bravo! I don't mind this sort of compromise. It's really the ban lines and 0 second security orbs that ruins mainland travel. This is a good way to keep your land safe and also community friendly. I do hope that eventually, once we've hammered out the details here, this sort of change can be rolled out mainland-wide.
  10. Oh, ok. See, i have mine set to show parcel lines all the time, lol. I always forget others get those with about land. That stinks. Wish there was a setting to keep them up. The moment I select a prim or something, it vanishes. Thank you, though! You're awesome!
  11. I don't understand, then, because I turned mine on, then this was taken. I don't see the lines,. The area with the dark prims is a crude mapping I've done of the road parcel through our land (since it auto returns) and I don't see any kind of marking here. I do see it on the ground, and have for quite some time. That setting seemed to do absolutely nothing, unless I'm doing it wrong? Pic for understanding sake:
  12. It happens a LOT more than you'd think. Whenever I find planes and other craft stuck on ban lines I tend to message both the craft owner and the land owner letting them both know the craft is there (usually loudly at full throttle) and once I've done that, if in a few days it isn't retrieved and I notice, I'll go to investigate if they'd been online and ignored it, or if they've just not been online. Turns out, quite often, they're a year or more, or close to a year, since log in. I saw one that wasn't online for like 2-4 years. In fact the sim to our direct south is owned by a group, created and owned by the group owner, and when we messaged him about possibly developing on it (the entire sim is left empty minus some aircraft stuck on the sim edges) he said "Oh, do I still own that?" He's been online but didn't even notice he owned an entire sim. He still hasn't addressed it, either. Which goes to show, a lot of folks really do just pay for land meaninglessly.
  13. That's 100% accurate. And people have a right to petition LL to take measures to prevent the issue from continuing by restricting certain "security" options that have been shown to be overkill as well as abused in many situations in order to purposefully hinder access to things like airports. Yes, that happens. People buy land right next to an airport JUST because said airport pissed them off and they had a few extra m2 to fill in their tier level, so they get the land and erect ban lines with the sole purpose of interrupting air traffic to and from the airport. There are many other scenarios where this is a serious issue.
  14. You know, in real life, they call it an Easement, and I'm more than willing that LL make a requirement for me to not be allowed certain security option on certain portions of land. And Honestly security orbs in the sky above the access line limit, should not be allowed, IMO . I think it's more than reasonable to ask that any "ban lines" be set a certain distance from the roads, waterways. Because frankly, they are /not/ all set up with "plenty of room."
  15. Now, that's awesome! Let us know when it's active! I'd love to stream it in our sim!
  16. That moment absolute negativity and toxicity killed an entire conversation in a single post. Neat.
  17. LOL the combatant in me relishes the challenge. LOL But I think there could be an argument to be make there for /inviting/ people in just to shoot them without even letting them know the danger of being shot home is there. For me, tping in just to get tp'd home before it loads almost always crashes me.
  18. No problem! Any time. I'd extend the same invitation to others, honestly. We get on without Security orbs or ban lines. A 4 hour auto return so people have plenty of time to enjoy the area around and within us. I've have the motorcycles lodged full rev in my scenery before, but I usually hear it immediately when I log in and deal with it. NBD. I'd even say it's satisfying. I also tend to look at surrounding abandoned land and owned (but basically abandoned lol) land and contact other people who've lost various noisy objects to let them know it's there. In other words, I put in a little effort to try and be a good neighbor. Because I think we can be better in SL. RL is full of "I can so I will" types, why not try and be better here, is my stance. So I think that, as has been done in the past with access lines, they should do something to nerf security orbs usage.
  19. If only common sense was as common as it's name suggests. lol
  20. Which only shows what a blatant problem this is. Rather than shelling up and demanding your can tell pilots and such "stuff it, my land" we could actually try and come to some level of agreement or solution. Except, that it doesn't give "landowners the right to deny or allow access to their own land, as long as they don't do something that violates the TOS (like shooting down aircraft)." as is so worded by Female Winslet here:
  21. You're not wrong. I admit this was more of a thing said in pure frustration. It was early, no coffee, and frankly this issue is a huge problem for me as a Mainland concept lover. But, you're right and those things I cited do not excuse me suggesting such an action. I apologize. I should have been forward thinking, and not just lashing out.
  22. I somehow breezed over this gem. And honestly, I may try and learn the orb side of scripting and implement this very thing, and offer it to people. Detecting the owner's presence withing a certain scope or parcel should be a fairly simple task. Then it's just set state, you know? Worth looking into. Could be another step toward the right direction. But PLEASE not a 0 second orb. For the love of all that's holy. even 10 seconds is usually enough to realize I'm somewhere I didn't mean to be and get out. The sudden TP home while in a vehicle literally crashes me 75% of the time. Because generally these orbs are on parcels that are on the other side of a sim crossing.
  23. Well, I can see that point, but I'd counter that aircraft and watercraft don't inhibit any level of enjoyment whereas 0 second security orbs do.
  24. If you can't see how the inability to fly or boat without having your craft returned and being sent home being a fairly common occurrence kills SL Mainland, then I don't know how to help you understand. I may seem aggressive here, and for that I'm sorry. I just am more than tired of crashing because of sim border 0 second security orbs even at flight heights. Even LL doesn't agree with 0 second security orbs and frankly, ban lines are the plague of mainland and should be removed from mainland simulator code. A 0 second security orb is greifing. Plain and simple.
  25. It is not a private parcel. It is a mainland parcel. You want a private parcel? Get land on a private region. Problem solved. Mainland is not private. IRL, if you own property, you still can't erect a giant picture of pornography on it, you can't physically assault people off your land unless they're an actual threat, and even when you own a portion of the sidewalk or street land, you're not allowed to force people off it. Because betterment of community. You know. Logic.
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