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    uploading mtl

    I'm currently using the 3d builder program that came with my laptop, which sadly doesnt save anything as dae files. I was told it;s easy to convert obj to dae, but the ones I've uploaded to Blender don't have any texture or color from the original file. Is there a way to upload the mtl files that were created along with the obj's as textures to apply to the dae files i upload? Right now I'm just working with basic texturing and simple shapes, so it shouldnt be that difficult, right?
  2. it's the Microsoft 3d imager that was built into my laptop. Easy to work with but doesnt save as collada. So basically i'll need to figure out how to work with Blender or just stick to prim building in sl?
  3. I joined the eggs and tried importing the set to Blender. Unfortunately, the whole set was way over scale and all the same color (i painted them individually and added some cool color effects in 3d builder.) I'm just trying to convert the file to collada, but im worried the color sceme will still be messed up. Suggestions?
  4. It's my first time working with either Blender or mesh uploads, so I'm finding all this confusing. I'm just trying to upload a cluster of egg shaped prims, but getting the dea parsing issue. What could be causing it?
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