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  1. Recebi o seguinte texto em minha conta apos verificar conta ON HOLD e criação de ticket: Hello, Linden Lab has reviewed, at your request, the permanent closure of your Second Life account(s) for the following reasons: 1. Repeated Notifications of Infringement: Linden Lab has received repeated notifications of intellectual property infringement by your Second Life account(s). Our investigation shows that the closure of your account(s) is supported by the above reasons. Please consider this matter resolved. Linden Lab will not send further communications on this subject. Please also be aware that once we’ve reached a decision on an appeal, further appeals may not be considered, and You may not receive any further communication from us. Regards, The IP Team at Linden Lab ____ A referida conta se trata de Lang1981. Eu não cometi absolutamente nada, nesta conta, para que me banissem. É injusto isso gastamos dinheiro compramos as cosias de forma correta em uma conta limpa e por alguma denuncia eles vão e bloqueiam. Se algum suporte ler isso por favor me devolvam o a conta.
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