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  1. Ok, ty so much. I just tried it, seems to double the sound replay when i use the exact seconds from the clip but 10 sec works. I toggle it on and it play until i touch it again, then it goes off after it play last time. I guess that is as close to toggle off/on or loop as i will get. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Interesting, I understood more than i thought. Nice! Well i can surely give the timer a try. Any ideas how to add the timer element to the script i have?
  3. I've never written a script or have any experience writing one but i thought it would be fun to create my own hud of sound clips with my voice. I did manage to find a basic script that will loop a sound upon touch but it will not play in world. I've tried llPlaySound & LoopSound Scripts but only i can hear the sounds when the hud is attached to my avatar. I also found a llTriggerSound script that can trigger the sound when i touch but I need it to loop the sound as well and turn off by touch as wel. Can anyone direct me to a script that will trigger the sound in world & toggle the
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