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  1. There was another windows update and i installed it and the game works properly now, so thanks everybody for help, i really appreciate it.
  2. I updated my windows and the game worked well for 2 days but now it crashed again like the previous times and it keeps doing it
  3. I kept an eye on the ping today and it never goes over 300 ms but mostly 100+ , i changed the bandwidth to 1500 now and i started use a cable connection not a wifi but nothing changed, today i logged in and it worked properly for like 10 mins, i logged in an empty place and then teleported to another empty one but when i teleported to a crowded place it crashed again after like 2 mins, about the package loss i kept an eye on it too and it's usually 0.1% or none at all , i'm updating the windows now and i think the graphics driver has the latest update
  4. The ping is less than 300 but it still does the same thing
  5. Like 2 months ago i had a very slow internet connection but nothing like this ever happened, but currently the connection is far better than before so i don't think it's the problem but I'll try, also I've read that sometimes the game doesn't recognize that the account has logged out and so it can't login so maybe that's the problem, but I'll see if my connection is the problem first
  6. I kept an eye on the ping time and it's usually less than 1000 ms like after 5 to 10 sec after i log in, currently I'm in Europe so i guess the connection is good, I'll try the solutions above by lindal in a few hours and see if it works
  7. I use windows if it helps to know the problem
  8. Yes everything wirks normally i can move and chat and suddenly it closes with no freezing before it, it just closes without any error messages, then when i restart the game and try to login i get a message saying "region has started the logout process, try again in a few minutes" and then i click ok and click login again it logs in normally then closes again.. I literally tried every version of the game, the default and the betas, the problem increased after the latest update but before it the problem used to happen like once a day but now i can't even play it for 5 minutes
  9. This image was seconds before logging out again
  10. I've just reduced the band width to 1500 but it still does the same thing
  11. It gets fully logged in and i can IM friends,tp and do things but for nearly 2 mins then the game just closes with no error messages at all or logging out screen but just closes suddenly, then when i oprn it again and log in i get a message saying "the region has started the logout process, please try again in a few minutes" and in the second time i can log in but it closes again and so.
  12. Second Life Release (64bit) Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz (2711.99 MHz) Memory: 8073 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 9200) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce 930MX/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 417.35 Window size: 1920x1001 Font Size Adjustment: 96pt UI Scaling: 1.25 Draw distance: 128m Bandwidth: 3000kbit/s LOD factor: 1.125 Render quality: 4 Advanced Lighting Model: Enabled Texture memory: 512MB VFS (cache) creation time: March 16 2019 16:41:46 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.10.4 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Ex 4.44.64 Dullahan: 1.1.1080 / CEF: 3.3325.1750.gaabe4c4 / Chromium: 65.0.3325.146 LibVLC Version: 2.2.8 Voice Server Version: Not Connected March 17 2019 16:26:07
  13. The internet works fine to me the webpages loads as fast as it can the download speed is too good and i think everything with the connection is good,but as i said the problem started increasing after the last update, i appreciate your help really but all those solutions didn't solve it yet
  14. I tried rebooting my computer,my modem,and everything i could but it just kept doing the same thing,the problem started like a month ago but it did it like once or twice a day, but after the last update it just kept doing it
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