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  1. Soooo you can have a mesh body and not a mesh head? if so then I guess the hard part is matching the skin on the neck? thanks
  2. My linden home security did not work. House was locked and a man came in and would not leave. What are my next steps to secure my home. very uncomfortable feeling
  3. Yes I would love to attend I would just have to click on the calendar? thanks
  4. That is soooo funny. Thank you Maybe I will be I will be a cougar or fox. thanks again
  5. Thank you to all that responded. I do feel better and I will take a class or two and learn more in articles. I like that no different in the RL. This is a great start and I appreciate the advise and time to write. I am loving my SL life.
  6. Hello, Reading some posts (scary) and being a newbie I want to be smart in my SL life or my new addiction (haha). I especially want to keep RL separated from SL life. So if you could give the basics of the dark or bad side of SL. Thank you so much for your help any would be appreciated.
  7. What is RLV? And if I don't know what it is am I ok? I am a newbie
  8. For some reason I am unable to connect to the web while I am in SL. For example if I was going to do a search or market place. The search/market place would open up but would stay blank. Some reason not connecting to the web? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. I am finally done with all my demo. Now buying the Miatreya body! I am comfortable on buying Linden dollars I think? But where should I buy the Miatreya body? Does all stores sell the same or do some add or take away? I was thinking Miatreya Isle is that a good place? Next will be the head.
  10. That was awesome explanation and understandable. I can't thank enough for the people to try to help me out. Yes I was very discourage. But all good now and know what to do and not do haha. Again that was well said and very helpful. Sincerely
  11. ohhh on the viewer that is a great idea! I am trying and learning thanks
  12. I hope this get to all that helped me! greatly appreciated and what a nice community. but because I am a premier I called and they reset my avatar. so a clean slate! to demo my next thinking Maitreya. again thank you for your time!
  13. hopefully time will cure it Haha still will not remove. what is RLV lock
  14. cool what is regular LL viewer
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