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  1. I missed out the 10% discount if you prepay for membership and I don't want to miss changing last name. How or what is the best way to stay on top of Linden events and news??? Thank you! in advance
  2. How will i know when the next meeting will be. Are they having one in July. It seems Lindens policies need to change to more like rl. Any other victims and don't see anything happen please support me. It is just not ok. Sincerely I am :)
  3. I wished head the head industry sold skin that would match mesh bodies and/or vica vesa? Do someone sells skin for head and body? thank you
  4. I am still being harassed and a victim. Daily i get L1$ from the person that attacked me and is blocked. I have to go to different locations away from my friends because she still could be there and still harass me. I just haven't loss as much and it seems silly of my inconvenience compared to others. BUT yes it still sucks for me and this person still continues and will continues because there are no consequences to her. I only have a picture of how many times she sends that L$1 to me i still can't get rid of her. But Linden could look at it as a squabble between two pple so no action needed. So yes I was and continue to be....
  5. It is even sadder and maddening the more I understand. There are no actions or consequences Linden Lab will do to you as long as you do it by IM. Hence, you can threaten, harasses, use real-world info i.e. marriage, kids, religion, etc. and you can do this on going. Because it is in IM and Linden does not use IM as evidence, BUT that is the only way we communicate. Linden by there own policy does nothing. Unless u have a picture of them somehow threatening via a picture? It also sounds like many go along with this like it is ok. In RL courts around the world make judgments. So justice and can be served, and rules and laws are obeyed. Sometimes they are wrong sure, but it works in Linden their written Policy about abuse and harassment is B.S. because the near impossible way to get proof. So I see your choices if you are harassed either fight back as long as you do it by IM or we try to have Linden change their Policy or and I would suggest this to do nothing, don’t file. It hurts even more so to be re-victimized by Lindens own policy. It is pretended that Linden does something no wonder we all hear nothing being done because that is pretty close to being true
  6. Omg I am soo sorry to hear that happened to u. I am very lucky I am just trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately I am hearing more stories like yours. Maybe I should try to look at changing Lindens policy. I can't stand for victims being victims by sources that should be helping. my heart goes out to u
  7. OHH Sorry I thought the doubtful was that it never happened to her! So sorry I totally agree that Linden Lab won't do much. I apparently I read your comment wrong. I apologize!
  8. Looking for advice and I am not just complaining. I really want to help. There is a person that has been for years harassing and abusing to appoint one person lost her business and another lost his job as a dj. multiple reports have been filed yet nothing has been done. She has clearly broke Lindens rules of Harassment " Harassment can take many forms. Communicating or behaving in a manner that is offensively coarse, intimidating, threatening, or causes annoyance or alarm is not allowed." I was threatened that my personal info and made up stuff would be sent to my friends and was. Luckily I only lost one friend. In addition she has Repeated transmission of undesired content Disrupting events or user conversations, such as through the use of repetitive sounds, Spamming Posting interpersonal disputes or personal negative commentary publicly when such communications should occur through private channels of communication; All from Lindens definition. She has done this with her fiends, herself and alts. Yet my friend lost her business and another lost her job and she still harassing. Since I blocked her she started to follow me and send me $L1 several times a day. (form looking at my profile?). SOOOOOO how do i send an effective abuse report like I said nothing happened from the multiple others. She needs help and lack of response from Linden is only empowering and encouraging. Please Help I want SL to be safe for everyone. In RL it is easier because of police and courts in SL I feel so helpless.
  9. Not Doubtful it happened to me as well. Please don't attack victims by minimizing or disregarded them. For me Linden home security did not work I could not reject etc. he was naked and pushed me around logging off and back on did not work either. I assume Cindy meant no harm but that statement can be hurtful especially when it is true.
  10. Soooo you can have a mesh body and not a mesh head? if so then I guess the hard part is matching the skin on the neck? thanks
  11. My linden home security did not work. House was locked and a man came in and would not leave. What are my next steps to secure my home. very uncomfortable feeling
  12. Yes I would love to attend I would just have to click on the calendar? thanks
  13. That is soooo funny. Thank you Maybe I will be I will be a cougar or fox. thanks again
  14. Thank you to all that responded. I do feel better and I will take a class or two and learn more in articles. I like that no different in the RL. This is a great start and I appreciate the advise and time to write. I am loving my SL life.
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